The Best Babyliss Flat Irons 2018

Babyliss flat iron products have taken the beauty industry by storm and seems to be preferred by many. Even though the market is full of hair straighteners and stylers, Babyliss is slowly taking over and showing its dominance. There are several Babyliss flat iron products to choose from. Babyliss flat iron has distinct features as compared to other brands in the market. This distinctive feature makes these flat irons to offer the best services and results appealing to the users, having a high performance which everyone likes, affordable price structure, global service and broad range of flat irons. This sets Babyliss flat iron a step ahead.

Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Prima
Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Ultra-Thin
Babyliss Pro Porcelain Ceramic
BaByliss Flat Iron Pro Nano Titanium Prima3000 babyliss flat iron Pro Nano Titanium Ultra-Thin babyliss flat iron - BaByliss Pro Porcelain Ceramic
Nano Titanium
Porcelain Ceramic
12 x 1.5 x 4.5 inches
12 x 1.5 x 2 inches
12 x 1.5 x 3 inches
1.5 pounds
1.4 pounds
1.4 pounds
300 - 465 degrees Fahrenheits
Up to 450 degrees Fahrenheits
Up to 450 degrees Fahrenheits
Ion Technology
In short
Heat protection glove, good conductor of heat, 9 feet cable
High heat, eliminates fizziness, wide plates, easy to handle, portable
Extra-long cord, leaves hair smooth and shiny, good for curly hair
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The Best Babyliss Flats Irons in comparison

Before the 20th century, most people had to walk around with curled and clogged hair because there were no hair straighteners by then. In the mid of the 20th century, a solution to this was found. In 1960’s Lelievre working in Paris with his professional experience, he improved the first curling ton of hair stylists. He marketed and distributed his innovation in Europe and that is how Babyliss brand was born! In 1995 babyliss was acquired by Conair corporation which continued to produce the leading high end professional appliances.

1998, Babyliss pro was launched in Australia with superior professional styling tools of European quality along with other hair styling tools. Since then, babyliss has undergone development and has proven it worth to be the best hair straightener. It is known for its professional quality in both electric styling hair care ranges. It has been ranked the best by clients who say they get the results they want and it has never disappointed. It holds high ranks because of its features and mostly its liked because of its safety measures which protects users from burns. It has taken the market by storm with its distinctive features. Hairstylists prefer it for results.

The most innovative – BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium Prima3000

BaByliss Flat Iron Pro Nano Titanium Prima3000Being one of the best Babyliss flat iron product, Babyliss prima 3000 takes the slot of the best innovative flat iron. Made from the most advanced material, it has taken the hair styling industry to unprecedent heights. Its stainless-steel body is one of its kind giving it a shiny look and appearance.

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  • Advanced heaters : With ultra-advance ceramic heaters, Babyliss Prima 300 delivers fast heat up.
  • Adjustable heat settings : This feature is available on the Babyliss Prima since it has variable temperature settings that offer choices between 300 degrees to 465 degrees Fahrenheits.
  • Ion technology : Prima 300 has been advanced in such a way that it produces moisturized ions while hot for smoothness and create sleek and shiny results.
  • Auto shutoff : It turns off after 1hour of inactivity hence keeping your keen safe.
  • Instant heat : Babyliss Prima 300 heats up really fast on switch on within 30 seconds
  • Digital display : This gives you the chance to monitor your working temperature at all time.
  • Hinge lock : This feature gives the opportunity to lock the plates as you work.
  • Dual function : Baby Prima 3000 can straighten hair for those who love it straight and can also curl hair for curl lover. Both results are effective and shiny hair is achieved.

The most upscale – BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium Ultra-Thin

babyliss flat iron Pro Nano Titanium Ultra-ThinBabyliss pro Nano titanium is equipped with Nano titanium that is well known for its conduction of heat to provide incredible results. It has taken hair straightening to a new level. With its 5-inch-long plates, you can take out large sections of hair and straighten it up once.

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  • Ionic technology : It produces negative ions while it heats which help to attain excellent straightening results. It also contributes to retain the natural moisture of hair to give it a shiny look.
  • LED temperature settings : This allows the user to constantly monitor her working temperatures.
  • Fast and instant heat up : It can up to 450 degrees Fahrenheits to provide optimal styling results. Taking a short time to heat up, it saves you a lot of time you will waste waiting for it to heat up.
  • Wide plates : This gives room for mass straightening of hair. It is also suitable for all hair types.
  • Low power consumption at volts : Babyliss Nano titanium ultra-thin consumes less power hence saves you electricity bills.

The best value for money – BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium Digital

babyliss flat iron Pro Nano Titanium DigitalBabyliss pro Nano titanium digital is designed for maximum comfort for the user. With a digital memory feature to memorize your frequent temperatures, you don’t need to set it over and over every time you want to use it. It offers a lot of features for your benefit. It is the best for your money as per its description.

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  • Instant heat up : It heats up to 450 degrees Fahrenheits uniformly to make sure that you et excellent results and avoid damaging your hair.
  • Floating plates : It is equipped to make sure that its plates are in full contact with hair and this reduces the number of passes for better results.
  • Digital temperature display : For temperature monitoring while working.
  • Fewer passes and faster styling
  • Digital memory
  • Durable

The best of the cheapest – BaByliss Pro Porcelain Ceramic

babyliss flat iron - BaByliss Pro Porcelain CeramicDesigned to be an all-round tool, it provides you with the best services you need. It is great for flat ironing and it will make sure that your hair looks great for those who care how they really look like. If you need a high-tech straightener that is easy to with then babyliss pro Nano titanium is just what you need since it can fit your pocket.

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  • Fast instant heat up : It heats up within 30 seconds up to 450 degrees Fahrenheits.
  • Consistent heat : It offers consistency service to avoid hair damage and hot spots and uniform straightening
  • Cost : Its price is affordable for all users. Its advanced to offer better services at an affordable rate fitting your pocket.
  • Wide plates : The wide ceramic plates are 4-inch-long for efficient styling of your hair in large sections.
  • Ion technology : It produces negative ions while hot in order to make your hair smooth. It combines the ions with moisture to make sure that the results are positive and shiny to last the whole day