Best Brands of Hair Straightener

There are so many kinds of hair straighteners out there that it often gets tiring and confusing when trying to figure out which is best for you. These hair straighteners come in various brands and varieties that are distinctively unique; with every hair straightener brand having its pros and cons. We decided to go out and make a list of some of the best hair straighteners available in the market that you can use to give your hair the perfect touch that it deserves. Here is a list of the best brands of hair straighteners that everyone should have this season.

brands of hair straighteners


CONAIR is one brand of hair Straightener that you can find in so many places aside the salon; you can even find it in a drug store! Though the CONAIR Hair Straighteners are consumer grade and not necessarily professional but they offer products that are a slight step up from most of the inexpensive Irons found in big box stores.

Aside being a little more expensive, the CONAIR Straighteners offer better options than other bottom-of-the-line Irons. They perform better and last longer when chosen for casual use only. But if you straighten everyday, they will surely not serve you for a long period.

Their price range starts from somewhere around $40.

Hot Tools

Just like the CONAIR, Hot Tools is one of the entry level Hair Straightener brands out there that will help you meet the needs of your hair without ‘drilling a hole in your pocket’. Hot Tools are very popular among consumers today because; though they are relatively cheap but yet not the drug store quality type of Straighteners. They offer a wide range of options to choose from. They serve best when chosen for casual or occasional straightening.

Their price ranges from $25 to $60.


This is another brand of Hair Straightener that you can easily find at the drug store. Remington products are not professional brands of Iron Hair Straighteners but they often fill stores because there are a lot of people who love their brand. Remington is a very popular brand because its products offer many features and options for the consumers. The quality they offer very much aligns with the price of their products. They are not professional Iron and thus not likely to be the best brand of Straightener that can serve you for many years. For reading our review about the best value for money, click here.

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HSI professional stands out because they go outside of the models of traditional manufacturers who usually stick to either professional or consumer level options; they provide a brand of best hair straighteners for every category of persons. HSI provides a wide range of high end Irons as well as lower end Irons at the same time. The down side of HSI is that they seem to be a jack of all trade and a master of non at times.

The cost of their high end Straighteners is about $100 while the lower end Straighteners ranges from $40 to $80.

Bio Ionic

They are one of the premium brands of Hair Straighteners out there. BIO IONIC offers mostly high ends and well revered Irons that can stand the test of time. Though relatively expensive, but they offer some of the best hair Straighteners.

Their Hair Straighteners cost around $100 and can even go as high as $300. If quality and class is what you need, then BIO IONIC will be the best way to go.


BaByliss Pro is definitely one of the largest brands when it comes to professional Flat Irons. They have a large followership of loyal customers and the popularity of BaByliss Pro among fashionistas is evident as you are certain of seeing their products in many major solons or beauty supply stores. BaByliss Pro offer a wide range of Flat Iron Straighteners (Tourmaline Flat Irons, Wet-to-dry Flat Irons, Titanuim Flat Irons).

Their brand of Hair Straighteners can go for as low as $60 and go as high as over $100. Though very popular but their Straighteners could sometimes be very hit or miss.


With a rich history and good reputation, CHI is arguably the most well-known hair Straightener companies out there. They offer high quality products that are designed not just to meet your hair needs but also to last with you for a long period of time. Chi was one of the first companies to make a ceramic Iron; and since then, they have continued to blaze the trail in the manufacturing with a reputation for being one of the best brands of Hair Straighteners. There products come in every size, color, with a lot of features.

The price range of their Straighteners is around $50 to $200.


Nume offers Straighteners with classic wands to meet the needs of just any kind of hairstyle. This company always tries to strike a perfect balance of salon quality and affordability. They offer a massive line of curling wands and Straighteners that fit the needs and budget of most of its customers. Nume is renowned for always providing innovative products with awesome designs.  They provide a wide range of Flat Irons to give their consumers variety. From ceramic Flat Irons to Titanium plates; Nume provides them all for you.

Since they offer lower end as well as professional Irons, their prices varies depending on what you are going for.


This is another company that manufactures premium brands of Hair Straighteners. A well established company with good reputation, CROC makes professional Hair Straighteners in many different materials and sizes. Their products come in different shapes that are easier to clamp and more comfortable on the hand. The down side of CROC Straighteners is that they often get too hot resulting to hair breakage and damage.

The price range is around $75 to over $100.


Revlon is no doubt one of the largest manufacturers of body care products. This is evident in their wide range of hair Straighteners. They provide Straighteners that are quite cheap and simple with good heating. But one thing about the Revlon brand of Straighteners is that they don’t get the job done as much as they seem to get hot enough.

They are inexpensive and can last you for a couple of years especially when chosen for casual use only.


This company provides a lot of Straighteners that are cherished by many consumers due to their aesthetically beautiful gold accents. GHD offers brands of Hair Straighteners that are renowned for having smooth, golden ceramic plates that ensure effortless glide. Most of their designs have contoured edges that make it the perfect and wave wand.

Their price range is also in consonance with the quality they offer.


Sutra is another company that produces premium quality Hair Straighteners for all kinds of hair. They offer various brands of Irons that ranges from the simplest designs to the most sophisticated ones. With products like cordless-rechargeable Flat Iron, Magnetic plates Flat Iron, Infrared Flat Iron; Sutra products come with awesome features that will make you feel comfortable even after spending a little more than usual. To this extent, it is not strange to know that their products are relatively expensive considering the high end Irons that they offer to their consumers.

The price range of their Irons is from $80 to $250.


Royale prides itself as a company that offers brands of products that are cheaper and effective alternative to visiting the salon. They offer a wide range of professional Irons that come in different stylish shapes and colors. Royale provide high end straightening Irons that are designed with the capacity to straighten even the most stubborn strands.

Expectedly, the prices of Royale Straighteners are similar to other Sair Straightener brands that have the same features.


Though a very small player in the game, Solia however provides entry level professional Irons that are just enough to give you what you want. As much as the quality is relatively low compared to other big brands so also is the price of Solia professional Irons.  The down side about their products is the problem of failing parts.

The price range is around $30 to $60.