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Chi Original PRO 1 Ceramic Review : The bestseller

The hair and beauty market has a lot to offer in terms of the flat iron category. Despite this, the Chi original Pro 1 has always stood out among its competitors. Chi ceramic flat irons were among the first in the market and despite stiff competition from other upcoming brands, the brand has been able to maintain its position.

Why buy the CHI Original Pro 1 ?
  • Quality
  • Resistance
  • Cost
  • Design
  • Durability
  • Ease of use

Our opinion

The CHI Original Pro 1 is the leading flatiron in the Hair Straighteners Category. The flat iron comes with several amazing features including a 3-in-1 feature.

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CHI Original Pro 1 Ceramic: the best value for money

CHI Original Pro 1 CeramicIf you are looking to buy a hairstyling iron for your hair then you have come to the right place that breaks down the features behind one of the best ceramic irons. CHI is among one of the best-performing flat-irons and has won the heart of many hair stylists as well as buyers who use it at home. Below is a review of one of the best flat irons from CHI- the source company. The product is the CHI Original Pro 1 Ceramic Hairstyling Iron.

Why did we choose the CHI original Pro 1? The market is flooded with different brands of hairstyling irons. Choosing one specific brand that does a pretty good job at a friendly price is, therefore, a bit hectic. Chi Original Pro is one of the leading brands as it is backed up by many unique qualities rather features that we cannot afford to ignore.

Before you finally settle for a product there are a few things you may have in mind. Examples may be the performance of the iron as well as personal satisfaction from the brand. Your hair is the first thing someone notices and you want everything to be always right up there.

Key product features

  • Excellent heating properties

Flatirons use heat to straighten the hair as desired. The ability of a hairstyling iron to heat up and retain the heat is therefore important. The iron should work in such a way that it does not damage hair due to excessive heat. Generally, CHI flat irons have excellent heating abilities. Being under the umbrella of the Chi irons, the CHI Original Pro 1 is a performer in its own category. The CHI original Pro 1 heats up in a span of few minutes, no delays.  The CHI original flat iron effortlessly heats up to about 392 Fahrenheit, the recommended temperature for removing any tangles in hair without damaging it.

  • Combined hairstyling iron

CHI original Pro 1 combines hair curling tools, flipping tools and bending tools all in one. This is economical as you will not need to buy the equipment separately.  For people who love rocking a new hairstyle every day, the Chi original 1-inch flat iron offers you a myriad of options that to choose from. This flat iron requires only some dose of creativity and you are good to go.

  • Ceramic made from tourmaline which contains silk

The CHI original pro 1 inch flat irons have features dedicated to enhancing your hair and this is one of them.  Silk is infused into the tourmaline ceramic which gives your hair a long-lasting shiny and smooth appearance. The ceramic on the Chi original pro 1 flat iron enhances heat distribution during styling that eliminates chances of static electricity in the hair preventing any frizzy texture.

  • Ceramic plates measuring about 1-inch

The CHI original 1 ceramic hairstyling iron is beautifully designed and features 2 plates measuring about 1 inch each. The clasp-like style helps the user to grasp hair firmly between the ceramic plates.

  • Cost

With so much to offer its users, the flat iron is definitely worth its price. It is not your ordinary hair styling kit: with silk ceramic plates that enhance the appearance of your hair, this product is must have.

  • Warranty

The CHI Original 1 ceramic hairstyling iron comes with a purchased warranty of up to 2 years.

  • Has ceramic plates infused with silk that improve the appearance of your hair while eliminating any static that creates a frizzy texture in the hair once you have finished styling it
  • Multipurpose product- combines 3 products in 1

In brief

After spending hours on research and interviews and more than two hours on testing the grip, heat, and performance of differents straighteners, the Chi original pro 1 is unbeatable. This hairstyling product comes at a good price with so much to offer its users both in salons and at home. It is not easy to find a good hair straighter that offers you the advantage of three tools in 1.

This is why we highly recommend the Chi original 1 ceramic hairstyling iron to anyone on the hunt for a hair straightener. We promise you will not be disappointed by this great product from CHI.

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