How to choose the best hair straightener ?

It is always exciting whenever we stand in front of the mirror and see how relaxed, thick and voluminous our hair looks like; because hair style brings out our beauty! This nice feeling sometimes hardly come-by to most of us because, unless you are genetically blessed, it is always very difficult to actualize that goal; no thanks to natural hair loss.  Though this sounds difficult but it is attainable only if you know the right approach to take and the right techniques to use in maintaining your hair.


Hair Straightener, Flat Iron : For what ? For whom ? How to use it ?

Flat Iron/Hair Straighteners are two flat plates irons that we use to iron our hair and make it straight, curly and shiny. With the Flat Iron/Hair Straightener, getting our hair to become straight, curly and sleek could be remarkably quick, easy, and interesting if we actually know how to use it appropriately.

For whom ?

Flat Irons are most suitable for those who have very curly or coarse hair; and need to add shine with long lasting result to their hair. What Flat Irons do is that, they apply direct and even heat thereby giving the most effective touch to your hair.  Especially when used with thermal hair treatments, the process of moving your hair through two polished flat plates enables the flat irons not only to add shine to your hair but can also infuse it with healthy nutrients.

How to use it ?

Here is a step-by-step guild on how you can best use the Flat Iron/Hair Straightener to give your hair the desired look.

Step 1

Prepare your hair for the heating process by using the right shampoo and conditioner that are specially formulated to create straight, curly, or sleek hair.

Step 2

Ensure to blow dry your hair before separating it into several sections that can easily pass through the Flat Iron straightener.

Step 3

Get your Flat Iron, plug it in and flick the switch.

Step 4

Holding the iron with one hand and the other of your hand stretching forth a section of your hair, place the straightener as close to the roots of the section as possible then clamp the iron down so that the heated sides touch your hair rests between them. Run the flat iron down the length of your section of hair over and over until it is completely straight. When done with that, take the straightened piece out of the way and unclip a new section of the hair by repeating the above procedure over again. Do this from one side to the other till the whole hair is straightened.

Step 5

To set your straightened hair, set your blow dryer to cold, and blow dry your hair for a minute before applying hairspray and other post-straightening products to keep your hair straight all day.

Choosing the right flat iron : a step by step guild 


Knowing the right Flat Iron to choose for your hair is as good as giving your hair the right treatment. This piece of equipment is not just a tool for curling, and straight lock but can also be used as a volumizer.

1. Choosing the right shape

The shape of a flat iron greatly affects its versatility hence you need to go for the one that best suit your hair needs. A Flat Iron with slightly rounded plates and outer edges is easier to transition into a curling iron while those with sharp edges give slightly straighter hair but are then less adaptable.

2. Consider plate width

One this, what you should take note of is the fact that; the wider the plates of a flat iron, the more quickly they help in straightening your hair. But one disadvantage about Flat Irons with wide plates is that they apply too much heat (which could damage your hair shaft). They are equally not portable and might not easily fit into your bag especially when traveling.

3. Select the right plates

When choosing the right Flat Iron plates, remember the fat that these plates are made from a variety of materials as well as other substances hence you should consider your hair’s needs first before making your choice. While a particular kind of iron plate may be suitable for your friend’s hair, it might not be the right one for your hair. So don’t go for the most popular but go for the most suitable.

4. Finally think about temperature

Our hair is as fragile as glass; so the most suitable temperature for heat styling will be 365 degrees centigrade which is ideal for changing the shape of your hair without causing damage to it. Anything higher than that could cause the inside part of the hair to melt (I bet no one would want such to happen to her).

Types of flat irons


There are a lot of Flat Iron Hair Straighteners out there, but what distinguishes them from each other is their plates. The Flat Iron Plates are made of several materials and this greatly influences its effect on our hair.

Ceramic Flat Irons

Unlike other Flat Irons that usually get hot spots, ceramic Flat Irons have ranges of heat options. They hardly create tangles when pulling the straightener through your hair because its plates are very smooth. When used at the appropriate temperature, Ceramic Flat Irons removes most of the frizz while also making your hair very straight and shiny.

Tourmaline Flat Irons

The smoother the plates of a Flat Iron, the less likely it is for them to damage or catch hair in the plates; and Tourmaline flat irons are the smoothest. Also, Tourmaline covered plates are more durable than other options, and they are less likely to chip or suffer heat loss over time.

Titanium Flat Irons

Titanium Flat Irons are pretty much lightweight. They heat up right away and are able to stay that way for a long while. Since they a better choice for the ends of your hair because they cause less heat transfer; they will be the go-to-choice if you are the type that don’t make regular trips to the hairdresser to have your hair trimmed.

Ionic Flat Irons

Ionic Flat Irons are the kind of Hair Straightener that helps in reducing frizz while giving you a smooth, sleek and shiny hair. Frenzy hair has a static, and that means there are positively charged ions buzling through it which makes it big and poufy. By putting on negative ion technology on your Iron, the negatively charged ions neutralize the positively charged ones and make the hair follicles calm down.

Professional Flat Irons

Lingering over the choice of whether to go for a professional or consumer level models of Flat Irons? Have it in mind that these professional Irons will provide you with more kindly effect on your hair than the cheap ones; except you only need it for occasional use. They are made of higher quality materials and better electrical elements that will help in keeping your hair safe all through.

Wet-to-Dry Flat Irons

Wet-to-dry Flat Iron uses a steam technology to dry hair; eliminating excess water. Steam is a good way to dry out hair because it doesn’t strip hair of moisture. Though they are called wet-to-dry straighteners, you can not use them on soaking wet hair and need to towel-dry hair so it is lightly damp first. They are also distinctive because they dry hair while straightening.

And now, play on !

How much does it cost ?

How a straightener costs ?

The price of Flat Irons varies. Their prices are largely based on the brand and type of materials it is made of. They could start as low as $20 and go up to as high as over $300.

The retail outlet selling them is another determinant of how cheap or expensive the Flat Irons will be priced.

The best Flat Iron 2018


The different sizes of flat irons

Knowing the type of hair you have, the kind of style you want, and the amount of heat you need will help you in choosing the right hair straightener for you. Flat Iron Hair Straighteners come in different sizes so you have to go for the one that best suit your hair needs.

Small Iron

Small standard size irons are those that are one inch or under. If you want to do more styling that just straightening, one inch is the most suitable; but anything smaller than one inch is can only be good for short hair. One inch is however a standard size for just about anyone; so choose the one that best suit your needs.

Large Iron

These are Flat Irons that are bigger than one inch in width. The large Flat Irons work better with long tresses because they don’t have as much precision as smaller irons. The advantage about the large Flat Irons is that they help save time especially for those with long hair.

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