Best Conair Curling Iron 2018

Conair is one of the most popular brand names in the industry of hair care tools and accessories. They have put more effort and focus in each new product they are introducing to the market. It is evident how much they are embracing technological innovations in the world of hair care products. Their products are as functional as they are affordable. Discover the best Conair curling iron.

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Infiniti Pro Conair Curling Iron
Conical Barrel Tapers , Great Technology for Lasting Results, Fully Adjustable
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Infiniti Tourmaline Ceramic Conair Curling Iron
30- Seconds Heat Up, Five Precision Heat Setting, Protective Heat Shield, Auto-Off
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MiniPRO Cordless Conair Curling Iron
¾ Inch Barrel, Great Ceramic Technology, ThermaCELL Powered
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The Best Conair Curling Irons in comparison

Life is too short to have hobble hair! You don’t need to get stressed anymore wherever you are getting ready for your commitments. Getting a hairdo that makes your hair healthier and shinier is the perfect way to enhance your looks and improve your confidence. However, regular visits to the salon can be stressing and expensive. Therefore, your best solution would be finding the perfect hair styling tool that works best for you.

In this article, we are going to do a review of the best Conair curling wands there are on the market as well as their various pros and cons.

The most upscale – Infiniti Pro Curl Secret Conair Curling Iron

Infiniti Pro Curl Secret Conair Curling IronNight out parties are a big deal for most ladies. Well, we can all agree that there could be nothing worse than lucking the time to get some beautiful curls on your hair. Some old standard curling irons could take eons and if you are in too much hurry then heated rollers could not be your thing. However, with the Infinity Pro Conair curling iron you can easily get your preferred curls in just a matter of minutes.

  • Conical Barrel Tapers

This feature is one of the most significant as it gives you an array of curl types to select from. The infinity pro Conair curling wand was designed to perfectly suit this requirement. Its ½-inch to 1-inch conical barrel tapers allows you to either make loose, medium or tighter curls.

  • Great Technology for Lasting Results

Think about it! Have you ever bought a curling iron or curling wand and even before you realize it you are already looking for a new one! Luckily the best Conair curling iron has been created bearing you in mind. This piece of tech enables you to eliminate static, reduce frizz as well as shield hair from heat damage.

  • Ceramic Tourmaline

Good performance and flawless functionality are every shoppers’ key features. Doing thorough research on the type of plates fitted on the Conair curling wand you want to buy is a good practice. This innovation allows you to style your hair in the shortest time possible.

  •  Balanced

With the Infinity pro you need not to worry much about snagging hair as you do your styling. It has been made to allow instant style without clamp. It allows you to simply wrap. Well, clamp free curling reduces damage and puts less stress on hair. It also makes it simple and fast without making any kinks.

  • Fully Adjustable

Don’t you just love something that can easily be fine tuned to your preferred settings? This tool has a 30 seconds instant heat up time and can heat up to 400°F high heat for instant results. Its five-temperature settings work for almost all types of hair.

  • Safety

It has an Auto-off safety feature to prevent you from accidental burning or scorching. Its LED indicator lights also allows you to know when it’s on or off. The package comes with a 3-fingered heat-resistant glove included.

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  • Elegant design
  • Adjustable temperature settings for all types of hair
  • Multiple use
  • Automatic shut off

The best value for money – Infiniti Tourmaline Ceramic Conair Curling Iron

Infiniti-Conair-Tourmaline-Ceramic-CurlingWe all love our hair! Irrecoverable hair damage is not anything any lady could even want to think of. High heating levels are more likely to damage your hair. However, you just can escape these high temperatures. Extensive searching for the safest tools would probably lead you to the Conair Infiniti Pro Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Iron.

  • Extra-Smooth Tourmaline Ceramic Surface

Exposing your hair to high temperatures on a regular basis could cause some serious hair damage as high temperatures are harmful. As a result, you require the best Conair curling iron that could take care of your health and give you long lasting curls. Nano Tourmaline Ceramic Tech more natural negative ions than a normal curling iron produces hence shinier hair that will surely impress. It completely eliminates hot spots and reduce static as well as frizz for a healthy-looking hair.

  • 30- Seconds Heat Up

Its sound cliché but we all agree to the saying “time is money”. Well, a time saving curling tool is what you need and this one just has the feature. It works efficiently by heating up in just 30 seconds.

  • Five Precision Heat Setting

This feature ensures you get salon quality curls. This product can be used for all types of hair as it has LED heat settings for you to monitor temperatures. Below is a list if the correct temperature settings for your hair type.

  • Power/Low 285ºF for Thin hair
  • Medium 310ºF for Average to thick hair
  • Med-High 330ºF for Thick hair
  • High/Max 360ºF – 400ºF for Coarse hair
  • Auto-Off

This is a very significant feature. It is best especially when we are in a hurry. Sometimes we might forget and leave the tool on or plugged in power as we go out. This feature automatically shuts it off within 60 minutes of idling and prevents it from getting too hot and burning up.

  • Protective Heat Shield

When the barrel is hot, it burns anything that comes in contact with it. The company is really concerned about your safety and thus they included the heat shield protection.

  • Limited Five Years Warranty

Most buyers prioritize warranty. We all want the cover from unusual and unpleasant experiences that may occur from defect in material or workmanship. This allows you to curl your hair without thinking about its longevity.

Best Price on Amazon

  • Ceramic tourmaline technology
  • Record time heat up feature
  • Adjustable heat settings for any type of hair
  • Automatic shut off

The best of the cheapest – MiniPRO Cordless Conair Curling Iron

Conair-MiniPRO-CordlessThe MiniPRO cordless Conair curling iron has been specifically made for you. They have incorporated the fast heat-up technology to allow you style your hair even when you are in a hurry with minimal wait. The ¾-inch fired barrel disseminates heat equitably to wipe out problem areas for less harm. This imaginative haircurler is powered by a ThermaCELL® Butane Cartridge. It also has no cords, plug or battery hence it’s good for travel.

  • ¾ Inch Barrel

Regular visits to the salon can be as cumbersome as it is expensive. The MiniPRO Cordless Conair curling iron has a ¾-inch ceramic barrel that makes it ideal for quick hair touch-up right from the comfort of your home. It makes pretty healthy-looking curls that last for a long period of time.

  • Great Ceramic Technology

The MiniPRO cordless Conair hair curler has yet another significant feature to brag about. It was built to impress with the incorporation of the ceramic technology. This technology allows even heat distribution that helps in eliminating damaging hot spots.

  • Fast Heat-Up

Do you get tired waiting for your curling iron to heat up? Well, the MiniPRO cordless Conair is an exception. It heats up quickly giving enough time to style your hair without the wait.

  • ThermaCELL Powered

Hair styling has never been this simple! The hassle that comes with plugs, cords and batteries is no more as the MiniPRO cordless Conair curling iron is fully powered by ThermaCELL® Butane Cartridge.

  • Safety

The MiniPRO has been approved safe for air travel per U.S. Department of Transportation guidelines. You can freely carry it with you whenever you are making your trips. You don’t have to feel the worries of bringing your hair curler with you.

Best Price on Amazon

  • Heats up pretty fast
  • Ceramic tourmaline technology

Why use Conair ?

Are you looking to buy the perfect curling iron for either home or professional use? The Conair curling iron has been made to suite all your hair desires. This is because they are built to make curls from beachy waves to red carpet curls. They also work on any type of hair as they are fitted with different heat settings. If you are a fan of travelling, then the cordless Conair curling iron would be your closest ally. This is because you can charge it and carry it with you everywhere for later use.

Conair curling iron have been in the hair care industry for eons. This has given them the experience in making high quality products that not only look good to the eyes but have the best functionality. They incorporate the latest technology in their products for flawless performance. Using Conair curling iron feels safe for they have an automatic Auto-off that cuts power while the tool is at rest. This are the reasons as to why you should go for the Conair as they make the best curling iron.