Curl your hair with a hair straightener ? Easy !

Hairstyle trends today are about all sorts of wave and curl shapes. From beach waves to plump, voluminous curls; all these can be achieved using the flat iron. Yes! that’s right. You always grab your hair straightener when you want to rock smooth, sleek strands. But did you know that’s just the beginning of what you can do with this versatile hair styling tool? It’s always an amazing experience when you curl your hair with a straightener.

Benefits of curling your hair with a straightener

Curl your hair with a hair straightener

Curls from Straighteners are fast

Yes, very fast. You can actually do an entire head with 10 sections or less.

Straightener curls are modern

Modern hair styles are easy and relaxed. Flat Irons produce more compressed, elongated shape than a traditional curling iron.

They are versatile

You can achieve so many shapes with a Hair Straightener. It’s simply about the shape of the sections. Vertical sections will produce a languid, beach wave hair shape, while horizontal sections lead to a plumper, bulkier curl shape that’s more like roller set.

Curls made with straighteners last longer

With a Flat Iron, you are heating up both sides of the hair, and that means the curls or waves are well set and last forever. This will prevent the hair from dropping.

A step by step guild on curling your hair with a straightener 

Curl your hair with a hair straightener

Make sure you’ve got a good quality Flat Iron. The best work faster, make your hair smoother, and do less damage than poor quality irons.
Use a thin Flat Iron. Your straightener should be about 1 to 2 inches (2.5 to 5 cm) in width from plate to handle and have rounded edges; otherwise it won’t form smooth curls. A flat, paddle-style Iron also won’t do curls. It’ll be much harder to hold and wrap if you have this kind of Straightener and the hair won’t want to stay in the right place. Also be sure to comb out any tangles in your hair before applying heat.
Heat the Iron up to the minimum temperature you need for your hair. If your hair is fine and thin, stick to the low end of the dial at below 300 degrees. Normal hair can be ironed at 300 to 380. You can turn it up to 350 to 400 if your hair tends to be thick, coarse, or frizzy.
If you have thick hair, ensure to spray heat protectant on each section before you tackle it. If you just spray it on the top of all your hair, it won’t hit the bottom layers.
Start at the bottom of your scalp, close to your ears and neck. A good rule is to work with 1 to 2 inch sections at a time;  then pin up the rest.

Steps to follow in curling your hair with a straightener

  • Begin with clean and dry hair: Make sure to start with completely clean and dry hair. Wet hair won’t curl at all and damp hair won’t curl as well. Even if you have one of those magical wet-to-dry Hair Straighteners, it’s best if you have dry hair. Dirty hair also won’t hold its shape very well, so make sure you’ve washed it in the past 24 hours.
  • Apply heat protectant: Applying a heat protectant or a thermal spray creates a protective barrier between the hair and the Iron so that the hair doesn’t “frizzle” and burn. Spray all over your hair – no need to comb, as it should mist on and dry quickly. 
  • Partition your hair into sections: You’ll have better luck curling your hair if you section it instead of trying to attack the whole mess at once. In general, the thicker your hair the more sections you’ll need to do. Tie up the hair above your ears and put it in a bun on the top of your head. It needs to be out of the way
  • Place the Iron into the first section at eye level.
  • Create a tension with the Flat Iron: Think of your hair as a ribbon and the flat iron as scissors- clamp the hair and rotate the Iron back slightly by twisting and turning. This technique is great because you can be selective about where the curl forms.
  • Slide the iron along the strand and continue to rotate the iron for a total of one-half of a turn. Release the flat iron before you reach the end. Then twirl the curl gently with your fingers to set the wave, and gently drop the hair.
  • Work around the head, alternating the direction of each curl. Gently pull the flat iron down through your hair on most- but not all- pieces of your hair. The randomness will give it more natural look. And once all the hair is curled, let it cool completely. Then gently shake the hair to blend the curls and or brush your hair in order to mask any imprints that may have been left by the flat iron.

Things to do when curling with a straightener

Curl your hair with a hair straightener

-Anytime you use a thermal styling tool, it’s wise to use a heat protection product to protect your hair from damage. Always ensure to spray the thermal protectant all the way down the hair shaft especially on the ends, which are the most porous areas of the hair and thus need the most protection.

-Always ensure that you don’t stop as you work along the hair section. Keep the Straightener moving so you don’t burn the hair.

-When curling with a straightener, start at eye level. If you have some natural wave or curl, use the Iron to smooth the first three inches of hair before beginning to curl.

-If you are looking for on-trend, lazy wave, leave the ends of each section straight when using a Flat Iron to curl your hair.

-If your hair is extremely curly, use your Straightener first to smooth your hair, then go back and create your desired wave.

Curling your hair with a Straightener is the first step if you are going to create an upstyle -whether it’s a messy bun or a loosely gathered chignon. Using the Flat Iron to curl your hair will produce the easy, livid-in shape that makes the perfect foundation for a special occasion hairstyle. Forget about the stress, just go and give your hair the perfect touch. Because, curling with a Straightener can create full bouncy curls that won’t look like ringlets. It takes a little practice, but once you get the technique down, you will look amazing.