Best Curling Iron – Our selection 2018

Curling irons are talking over the market by storm. Why? Good looks are every girls’ desires! Well, we can all firmly agree that stunning hairstyles are the most important when getting ready for an event. Whether you want a boost for your hair every morning or you are having a big night out party, choosing the perfect hair tools can never be a disappointment. Here, a beautiful picture of the best curling iron.

BaBylissPRO Nano
Remington Pro Pear
Furiden Curling Iron BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Curling Iron Remington Pro Pear Curling Iron
Tourmaline Ceramic
Nano Titanium
Pearl Ceramic
11.6 x 1.3 x 1.3 inches
12 x 1.5 x 3.2 inches
12.9 x 1.9 x 2.1 inches
12 x 1.5 x 3.2 inches
110 - 240V
1.6 pounds
1.3 pounds
14.9 ounces
Up to 450°F
Up to 410°F
In short
No Tugging and Snagging, Extra-Long Power Cord, Worldwide Dual Voltage, Fully Adjustable
Interchangeable Barrels, Fully adjustable, Long Power Cord
Great Prices, An array of sizes, Great Prices
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The Best Curling Irons in comparison

There has been a lot of publicity around beachy and curly hairstyles. A good hair curler can be any girls’ closest pal especially when preparing for a big day or occasion. With plenty of practice, you can try out romantic soft waves, defined tight spirals or fairy tale loose curls at home.

In this article, we shall be doing a review of the best Curling Iron available in the market as well as discussing their strengths and weaknesses. The market has a long list of products in the curling iron category. We have chosen from the best of the best. Read on to find out more.

The most upscale – Furiden Curling Iron

Furiden Curling IronThe Furiden Professional Hair Straightener is a 2 in 1 hair tool that gives you the possibility to either straighten or curl your hair. It definitely gives your hair a sleek and shiny lustre while you are either trying to frizz or straighten out curls.

  • Only One Step

Well, Furiden professional hair curler was built for your day to day use. It has been made simple and easy to use with the new directional switch design that rotates clockwise to salon high heat of your requirements. With just a touch of a button you are assured of an ultra-smooth silky hair style.

  • No Tugging and Snagging

This is the most significant feature to look for when choosing the best curling wand. Well, think about it! How many times have you bought a hair curler that could barely produce styles that couldn’t even last for an hour. The Furiden hair curler has a 360°swivel long cord making it the best curling wand as it prevents inter-twisting and gives you more convenience to style your hair from any angle.

  • Extra-Long Power Cord

Power cable are always a menace when it comes to many electronic gadgets. Worry no more as this product has a 97 inch extra long power cord that allows you to freely walk across the room as you style your hair.

  • Fast Heating Time

We all like to use gadgets that we can simply fine tune to our preferences. Furiden made this product to perfectly suit this need. It has a heat up time of just 15 seconds. This feature compared to other conventional curling irons significantly minimizes the overall hair styling time.

  • Worldwide Dual Voltage

Are you a fan of travelling? Then this might be a feature you will surely fall for. Furiden hair curler has the worldwide dual voltage of between 110 to 240V AC as well as auto shut off. This feature gives it the ability to adjust automatically to the correct voltage throughout your journey.

  • Fully Adjustable

With the Furiden hair curler you are assured of getting professional salon high heat services right from your home with just rotating controls. It also comes with 5 alternative temperature settings (250℉-450℉) that fits all types of hair. You only need to rotate it clockwise to the desired heat levels.

  • 12 Inch Travelling Size

Well, Furiden has made this product portable to enable you carry it in your handbag and move with it anywhere anytime. It also has a safety lock design that makes it suitable for travelling with minimal worries.

  • Satisfactory Guarantee

At Furiden, quality comes before quantity. All products include a 6 month worry free warranty.

Best Price on Amazon

  • Dual voltage
  • Long power chord
  • Heats up pretty fast
  • Adjustable temperature settings

The best value for money – BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Curling Iron

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Curling IronBaByliss Curling Iron is popularly known for introducing their products fitted with the latest technology for enhanced performance. With this product you can make different types of curls. The tight, wavy, loose, spring and kinky curl all with just a single curling tool. The product can be used for both professional and home use.

  • Interchangeable Barrels

This is a unique feature for the BaByliss Pro Curling iron as it makes it stand out as the best curling iron in addition to its excellent design. The product comes with three different barrels that you simply snap and lock onto the handle of the hair curler. Each barrel offers a different type of curl. These barrels are: 1-inch barrel for tight curls, 1.25 to 1.75-inch barrel for bubble wand and the 1.5-inch hot brush.

  • Fully adjustable

We all love using hair curlers that allows us to use our preferred settings. This one comes with five heat settings. This setting allows you to style any type of hair as low heat levels are good for thin fine hair while high heat is perfect for thick coarse hair.

  • Long Power Cord

The BaByliss pro curling iron has a 7.8 feet long power cord. This swivelling power cord makes it easy for you to reach the back of your head and curl your hair with ease.

  • Safety

A heat resistant glove is included in the package. The glove prevents your hands and fingers from scorching or burning. The hair curler has also been fitted with a power light to notify you when the curling iron is powered on.

  • A Two-Year Guarantee

This average two-year warranty is a very customer friendly feature. No buyer would want to get a product that has no warranty. The warranty makes comfortable to use as one has no worries about any malfunctioning.

Best Price on Amazon

  • Sleek design
  • Interchangeable barrels
  • Long power cord

The best of the cheapest – Remington Pro Pear Curling Iron

Remington Pro Pear Curling IronRemington hair care company is one of the oldest and most popular in the world as they have been in the business for over 70 years. They manufacture unique curling wands using the best innovative technology available. They also offer products that are effective, durable and long-lasting.

The Remington Pearl Curling Wand is commonly used by ladies who love showing off their prepossessing, smooth and silky curly hair.The speciality of this curling iron is that it produces the bouncy curls which gives you beautiful natural looking curls. This hair wand has the capabilities to hold curls for a period of at least two days.

  • Ceramic Plates

When looking for the best curling wand, functionality and performance are key. Investigating the type of plates fitted in the hair curler is the surest way to ensure the product is functioning fully. Ceramic plates are however the best to do the trick as you will be assured of styling your hair using less time and maintaining the high quality.

  • Great Prices

This product will always put a smile on your face for it is as functional as it is affordable. You will have your best moments once all your salon needs are met at the comfort of your home.

  • An array of sizes

They have a selection of wand sizes for you to choose from. Wide barrels are known to produce large and loose curls. Therefore, when you are looking for an elegant look, it would be advisable to get the 1 to 1 ½ inch. It has a big size that will give you fat as well as short curls. For a casual look, then the ½ to 1-inch size would come in handy to give you thinner longer curls.

  • Temperature control nozzle

This particular feature makes this product the best curling iron in the market. It is as fast as it is easy to use. Different hair types require different heat levels. The fact that you can control its temperatures, makes it more reliable as it suits almost all types of hair.

  • Great Technology and Design

This curling iron has an infused ceramic that is responsible for the fast heating up. It also maintains a steady temperature. This ceramic is also the reason as you why each time you use this hair curler, your hair shines brighter than the morning sun.

Best Price on Amazon

  • Sleek design
  • Nozzle control feature
  • Available inf different sizes

Why use a curling iron ?

It is evident how every girl with straight hair is simply dreaming she had these gorgeous curly hairs. However, those with curly hairs envy those with straight hairs and are likely to straighten theirs. For those who love or wish they had curly hair, then I couldn’t be wrong recommending the best Curling Iron. Whether you are looking to have romantic soft waves, defined tight spirals or fairy tale loose curls, the Remington pearl curling iron and the Furiden curling iron would come in handy. They give the perfect result that you are assured it will last for more than two days.

Unlike other ordinary curling irons, you need not to worry so much about durability. The fact that the two are portable and can be used for both executive and home use just makes these two hair curlers an exception.

How to use a curling iron ?


  1. Plug in your iron and rotate the switch to the right temperature. The thicker your hair, the higher the numbered setting should be. If you are not certain about the right temperature for your hair type then here is a brief summary guide;
    • 250℉ for think fine bleached hair.
    • 320℉ for dyed or dark coloured hair.
    • 355℉ for normal or slightly curly hair.
    • 410℉ for thick, curly and wavy hair.
  1. Split your hair into sections. Working with small sections of hair will always give better results. This works for both thick and thin type of hairs.
  2. Start curling. Grab the piece of hair you wish to curl and give it a quick brush through to remove any remaining tangles. Clamp the flat iron around the hair and give it a half turn so that your hair is in a U-shape. Hold the flat iron in this position as you move it down the hair shaft, right to the ends.
  3. Loosen your curls (optional). If you want your hair to look softer and looser, run your fingers through the curls a few times. The curls will pull down and loosen up as you do so.