Best Electric Straightening Brush – Our selection 2018

Say it’s a Saturday morning and you have just received an impromptu invitation for a girls’ day out. One that you certainly can’t get yourself out of this time because you’ve missed all the three previous brunch dates. So naturally, you dash to the wardrobe and weigh your options and just when you think that you have everything covered, you realize that your hair looks all frizzed up and particular shabby. You need a good hair care product. In this article, we have rounded up a few of the best electric straightening brushes available on the market and done an in-depth analysis detailing their various distinct features, strengths and flaws.

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iLaz straightening brush
Heats without Burning, Sleek Gorgeous Design, Easy to Use, Advanced Heating System
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Vanity Planet Electric Straightening Brush
Wide Enough Temperature Range, Speed, Anti-Static Bristles, Advanced Ionic Technology
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SwanMyst Electric Straightening Brush
Safe, Easy to use, Adjustable heat settings, Fast heat up
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The Best Electric Straightening Brushes in comparison

It’s no secret that ladies take a lot of pleasure in making themselves look good for the camera for when the occasion arises. However, much as most ladies will spend tons of time picking the most suitable make up kit, there’s far much less effort put into picking a hair styling brush. Even though the hair is by all means part of the beauty package. Think about it! You’ll probably spend hours picking out a lipstick shade and pay little to no attention to what kind of styling brush would be best suited for your hair.

The most upscale – iLAZ Electric Straightening Brush

iLAZ Electric Straightening BrushWith a long line of remarkable products to show for, Ilaz is certainly one of the most priced electric straightening brushes in the market. And the Ilaz Electric Straightening Brush is their muse. From build to aesthetic and anything in between, Ilaz has made sure that this beauty has been constructed with precision to suit your needs perfectly and without a hitch. The classic example of an upscale electric straightening brush looking out for your everyday wellbeing. The complete review here.

In fact, I bet it’s been years since you last bought a new hair straightening brush and you’re probably just waiting for it to give in to wear and tear before you can finally replace it. And while it may have a lot to do with the fact that you only use it occasionally, the fact remains that you need a top performing and functional hair straightening brush to enjoy good hair days everyday and Ilaz is the best electric straightening brush you’ll find.

Best Price on Amazon

  • Advanced Heating System
  • Easy to Use
  • Sleek Gorgeous Design
  • Heats without Burning
  • Versatility at its Best

The best value for money – Vanity Planet Electric Straightening Brush

Vanity Planet Electric Straightening BrushIf you’re looking for a reliable and functional solution to your unruly curls and rather reluctant beachy waves, the Vanity Planet Electric Straightening Brush is the perfect to go to tool. Featuring incredibly remarkable anti-static ceramic bristles that distribute heat both quickly and evenly and backed by an array pf other incredible features. Vanity is certainly no rookie in the hair and beauty industry.

Hair straightening brushes has been the to go to tool for years. Whether you’re having a bad hair day or just simply want to pomp up your looks a notch, the hair straightener is always one that you can count on. However, all that heat styling can be detrimental to your hair. More than just the usual drying up, you could damage your hair or worse get scars on your arms and hands in the process. You need a more reliable gadget that safeguards both your hair and your hands. You know, a heat not burn kind of straightening brush.

Why the Vanity Planet Electric Straightening Brush?

Sure, there are plenty of hair straightening brushes that you could choose from. However, few bring to the table that exceptional performance and reliability and the Vanity Planet Straightening Brush is one of them. It is a safe and easy to use gadget that that remarkably reduces the amount of time you spend styling your hair leaving you with enough time to get to other tasks after. For more information, click here.

Best Price on Amazon

  • A Wide Enough Temperature Range
  • Speed
  • Anti-Static Bristles
  • Advanced Ionic Technology
  • Super Light
  • Cost

The best of the cheapest – SwanMyst Electric Straightening Brush

SwanMyst Electric Straightening BrushSwanMyst is the perfect alternative to a traditional flat iron. You know for those rather crazy mornings when you need to dash out but still need to do your hair. It can straighten out those curled tresses and smoothen out your hair strands within no time and has a rather simple brushing action that allows you to personalize your styling and relish the full benefits of styling.

Hair styling tools have come along way over the years. From the traditional hair combs and flat irons to the all so coveted hair straightening brushes, the hair and beauty industry has undoubtedly revolutionized hair styling as we know it. And one of their most prized possessions is definitely the SwanMyst Electric Straightening Brush.

Why the SwanMyst Electric Straightening Brush?

The SwanMyst Electric Straightening Brush is an innovative styling tool that incorporates design and functionality to its construction to provide the best hair styling experience. This remarkable tool claims to be a great alternative to traditional straighteners and provides an easier way of getting your hair silky smooth within no time at all. What’s more it can be used on all hair types which is a plus considering that most regular straighteners are only good for specified hair types. Find our review here.

Best Price on Amazon

  • Safe and reliable
  • Auto shut off feature
  • Simple to operate
  • Anti-scald high density comb
  • Negative ions
  • Anti-static ions
  • Adjustable heat settings
  • Advanced Metal Ceramic Heater technology

The benefits of an electric straightening brush

  • Saves Time

As the old adage goes, “time is money.” And so, whatever you can do to lessen the amount of time you spend dong your hair,the better for you. Electric hair straightening brushes just like most electric tools understand this principle quite well. They are fitted with heating elements and heat sensitive technology. This helps ensure that you drastically lessen the amount of time you spend on styling and free up space for other commitments.

  • Easy to Use

Compared to ordinary styling tools that work in a more traditional sense, electric brushes offer an easier way to achieve a silky smooth fresh out of the salon look both quickly and without any hurdles.

  • Kinder on the Hair

The last thing you want after spending tons getting yourself a hair straightening brush is to realize that its doing more harm than good to your hair. Luckily, with electric hair straightening brushes, you can be sure that your hair will be well taken care of owing to the fact that exposure to heat is drastically lessened.

  • Overall performance

We carried out numerous research and spent a little over 10 hours on interviews and a couple more on testing the grip, heat, and performance of 15 hair straightening brushes. We are convinced that any of the above-mentioned hair straightening brushes will be a worthy addition to your hair and beauty arsenal. From having a great build to producing nothing short of superb results at each turn, these hair straightening brushes seem to have customer satisfaction all figured out just fine. And we can say confidently that you’ll be hard pressed to find anything that matches its remarkable functionality.

If you are looking for an electric hair straightening brush with exceptional performance, you’ll find any one of the three that we have mentioned more than sufficient. We guarantee that you’ll be thrilled with your purchase.