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Furiden Professional Ceramic Hair Straightener Review

We have been talking about hair straightening not considering those who love to curl their hair. For that reason, we did our research well and found a tool that will cater for these needs. It straightens and at the same time curls. It is a 2 in 1 tool that you can’t wish to miss in your beauty table. Furiden ceramic hair straightener is the tool we got to suit you. It performs both tasks depending on your specifications. Taking less time to work on your hair because it heats up fast, it saves you time to tackle other tasks. It gives you the comfort you want and makes you to feel confident about yourself.

Why buy the Furiden ?
  • Quality
  • Resistance / Durability
  • Hair Straightening
  • Design
  • Ease of use
  • Price

Expert opinion

If you are a lady who wants to rotate between curling and straightening,then you arrived at the right time. Get yourself a furiden ceramic hair straightener and it will serve you well just once.You just need to purchase it and never mind to purchase another straightener because it straightens and curls as well.

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Furiden Ceramic Hair Straightener : For an unique style

Furiden Ceramic Hair StraightenerFuriden ceramic hair straightener is unique in its own way from other straighteners. It works with the aid of steam in order to make sure that your hair is smooth and soft. Having different features that will arouse you at anytime you take a look it, it will give just a unique style.

What we are pretty sure is that you will love it when you are unique from the rest of the pack just because of your hair. It makes the best curls that you will love, making them smooth and shiny all-day long. For those who love it straight, the Furiden flat iron got ceramic technology that produces negative ions in order to maintain the compact of your hair to give it unique style.

Whichever style you will want to attain, you will get it with just few passes. It glides smoothly through your hair as it heats up quickly.


Key Product Features 

  • Auto shut off

Being the first priority to many, no one will like to have a ceramic flat iron that will pose risks to her little kid. She wants a tool that if she forgets to switch it off, it just goes off automatically. Furiden flat iron got a 60-minute auto shut off if it is not in use. For this reason, you are safe from getting your kid hurt. But this should not give you a reason to always be leaving it on as you rush to the office.

  • LCD display

The LCD display give you the chance to always monitor your working temperature. It eases your time to know the temperature that suits your hair well. It also helps you to know that you have reached the maximum temperature because it blinks when maximum temperature is reached.

  • Optional working temperature

Not sure which temperature is suitable for your hair? Don’t worry anymore because Furiden ceramic flat iron comes with a range of temperature for you to choose from. Having a temperature of 350°-450°F, you can choose slowly and carefully to attain the temperature choice that fits your hair for best results.

  • Heat up

‘The boss will be arriving in the office from now and find out that am late. Furiden flat iron will save you the wrath of your boss as it heats up very fast in 15 second. This saves you time as you will finish your hair grooming.

  • Swivel cord

Furiden hair straightener comes with a 360° to give you a choice of working angle. You need just to rotate the swivel clockwise to choose the angle you wish to work with efficiently. The swivel cord also helps you to choose the best temperature that suits your hair for effective results.

  • Dual voltage

The Furiden ceramic hair straightener gives you the choice of your working voltage. Not so many hair straighteners can offer you this but Furiden straightener gives you a choice between 100volts-240volts.

  • Furiden ceramic hair straightener comes with a 97-inch-long cord that allows you to move around the room as you groom your hair. Despite this freedom, just find the best position in the room and settle down as you concentrate on your hair to avoid accidents.
  • It keeps your hair moist since it uses steam to moisturize your hair as you do your grooming. This give good results and your hair becomes smooth and shiny.
  • It is light and hence portable. This allows you to travel around with it wherever you go so as to have your hair groomed.
  • It comes with heat resistance glove to protect you from the plate heat as you work. This makes sure you are safe from any burns.
  • It saves you time so as you can move on to other tasks. This is achieved by the features of fast heat up.

In brief

There so many ceramic straighteners in the market but the furiden ceramic hair straightener tops. The fast heat up, optional temperature and all the feature it got just makes us tell you to get one. All salonist that we have interviewed say that it gives the results that the user wants. Experience is the best teacher.

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