The Best GHD Hair Straighteners 2018

Bad hair days. We’ve all been there before. You are all set to head out and the only thing remaining is to get your hair in tip top shape. But alas! Nothing seems to work. You’ve tried everything in your beauty arsenal, but you still hit a dead end. In this best GHD hair straightener review, we’ve taken a peek at some of the best GHD hair straighteners available.

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GHD Platinum Tri Zone
Revolutionary tri-zone technology, wishbone hinge, hibernation, protective plate guard that resists heat
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GHD Eclipse Professional Performance
Affordable, precision finished plates, hibernation, cool touch technology, tri-zone technology
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GHD Gold Styler 1 Inch
Smooth Contoured Plates, universal voltage, 1-inch barrel, sleep mode
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GHD Gold Professional ½ Inch
Contoured Plates, protective plate guard, universal voltage
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Best GHD Hair Straightener(s) in comparison

Not ready to take the plunge just yet? Still a bit skeptical about making a purchase? It’s completely normal especially if hair straighteners are all too new to you. Hopefully, by the time you’re done reading this, you’ll be a little more confident.

Why GHD?

The GHD hair straightener is one of those tools. It is an all-round hair straightener that takes the guilt out of heat styling and is backed by innovative revolutionary features to show for it. It’s just what you need to achieve that perfect sheen effortlessly. As with any other product, these 4 that we’ve picked have their own fair share of downsides and benefits. But after thoroughly looking into all that they have to offer, they are definitely worth every single penny.

The most innovative – GHD Eclipse Professional Tri-Zone Technology

Ghd hair straightener Eclipse Professional Tri-Zone TechnologyThe first product on our list is the GHD Eclipse Professional Performance Styler. Like the GHD Platinum Tri Zone, the GHD Eclipse Professional hair straightener also has a Tri-zone technology that provides three quick thinking sensors that ensure that heat isn’t lost, and a constant temperature is maintained with every stroke. This helps make it easier to achieve faster styling and have styles that last for much long.

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  • Tri-zone Technology : The tri-zone technology also regulates the plates and keeps them at a constant 185 degrees giving an even distribution of heat and consequently improving the results when styling and reducing the chances of potential damage significantly.
  • Precise Thermal Control : The core of every hair straightener’s performance lies on its heating properties. From how well and how fast it heats up to how well it retains that heat, everything goes. The GHD Eclipse Professional hair straightener features a patented tri-zone technology that regulates the plates and keeps them at a constant 185 degrees giving an even distribution of heat and consequently improving the results when styling and reducing the chances of potential damage significantly.
  • Universal Voltage : The GHD Eclipse Professional hair straightener incorporates a universal voltage that ensures that you have the same outstanding performance wherever you are.
  • Cool Touch Technology : One great thing about the GHD Eclipse Professional is the cool touch technology.  You don’t have to worry about burning your fingers which means you’ll have a little more peace of mind.
  • Hibernation : If turned on and left inactive for 30 minutes or so, the straightener automatically goes into hibernation mode when not in use.
  • Precision Finished Plates : The precision finished plates are undoubtedly a vital component of the hair straightener as they glide through your hair and transfer heat to ensure that your hair is straightened easily and in just one stroke, so you can get onto other tasks.
  • Cost : Cost is yet another vital factor and is in most occasions synonymous with quality. And seeing as the GHD Eclipse Professional hair straightener is not your ordinary styler, it also goes that its uniqueness will be reflected in the price too. Getting your hands on this might not be an easy feat but it will be well worth your while.

The most upscale – GHD White Platinum Tri Zone

Ghd hair straightener White Platinum Tri ZoneLet’s start with the GHD Platinum Tri Zone hair styler. It’s easy to use and quite practical too. Not to mention the perfect ally for people that don’t have pin straight hair.

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  • Revolutionary Tri-zone Technology : Having a patented tri-zone technology that maintains an optimum styling temperature of 365 degrees Fahrenheit from the root up leaving this hair straightener leaves your hair stronger, healthier, shinier and with a fresh out of the salon feel.
  • Wishbone Hinge : The styler also features a wishbone hinge that ensures that the plates are well aligned. This means that your hair stays perfectly in place throughout the styling hence giving you better control for you to create any style you like.
  • Hibernation Mode : Moreover, it has an automatic shut of that automatically switches your styler off if left for far too long without being used. This helps give you peace of mind especially when you leave in a hurry and forget to turn it off yourself.
  • Swivel Cord : Customers also liked that it was particularly convenient too. With most of the applaud being directed to the fact that the GHD hair straightener includes a swivel cord in its construction to facilitate convenient styling.
  • Universal Voltage : As an extra perk, the hair straightener also features a universal voltage that makes it easy for you to use the straightener regardless of where you are.
  • Protective Plate Guard that Resists Heat : So, you don’t have to worry about having to protect the surfaces after styling, GHD have included a protective plate guard that’s heat resistant.

The best value for money – GHD Gold Styler 1 Inch

GHD Gold Styler 1 InchGhd hair straightener Gold Styler 1 InchThis is a particularly attractive hair straightener both in aesthetics and price. With an advanced ceramic heat technology and an optimum styling temperature, this is by far the most innovative among other hair straightener in the market. GHD’s products are also quite durable and the GHD Gold Styler 1 inch is no exception.

Having smooth 1-inch ceramic plates, this hair straightener yields a notable resistance to the effects of wear and tear and a sleek attractive design. In all, this hair straightener would be a great option for someone looking for a touch of practicality and value all in one. To find more information, here.

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  • Smooth Contoured Plates : As far as performance goes, you need to have reliable and efficient plates to match performance. A hair straightener fitted with smooth contoured plates with a glossy glide through your hair helps make it easier to achieve flawless polished strands and a lustrous shine. Not to mention effortless styling too.
  • 1-inch Barrel : The GHD Gold Styler 1 inch is fitted with versatile 1-inch barrel with a round body that creates waves, curls and straight styles that last.
  • Sleep Mode : Another important feature is the automatic shut off function that automatically switches off the hair straightener when not in use. This is particularly significant in case you forget to switch it off.

The best of the cheapest – GHD Gold Professional 1/2 Inch

Ghd hair straightener Gold Professional 1:2 InchGHD Gold Professional ½ inch has really nailed their product to make sure that you’ll never have a bad hair day again. With glimmering gold plates and accents, the GHD Gold Professional was always going to hold its own against competition.

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  • Contoured Plates : Hair straightener come with inbuilt plates that make it more efficient. The plates allow for precision styling such as smoothing out kinks, cowlicks and fringes. Not forgetting also straightening right from the root.
  • Protective Plate Guard : One great thing about the GHD Gold Professional is that it has a protective guard that help guard your surfaces. This is particularly important because you can pack up your styler right after use without having to worry about your surfaces.
  • Universal Voltage : To a large extent, the convenience of a hair straightener is synonymous with whether it includes a universal voltage. It ensures that no matter where you are you still get the same styling performance.