Does flat iron/ hair straightener damage hair ?

It is a bitter truth that as humans, our wants are unlimited and endless. Our insatiable desires always lead us to wanting things that we might not have. Our love for fascinating hair styles only but proves the veracity of the above statement. Women with stick-straight hair want waves, and those born with twisty curls covet the sleek straight look. We always want new and new hair styles that’s why most of us will go to great lengths and expense to get our hair behave according to current fashion. These straight hair arsenals that flat irons, blow dryers and all kind of other products do quite make a lot of difference on our hair but at the same time cause some damage to our hair.

hair straightener damage

How flat iron damages your hair ?

Flat iron applies heat to your hair, and heat, especially when excessively applied will cause damage to your hair. Also, using flat Irons too often can stretch and stress the proteins on the surface of your hair, causing the hair to break and split and, thus to stand on end or frizz out. Here are the ways in which flat irons damage hair.

Flat irons that won’t damage your hair

hair straightener damage

One thing you should note is that heat in any form is never great for your hair but however, some heat is definitely better than others. That being said, there are some great hair straighteners that have amazing features in place that help minimize the damage to your hair as much as possible. When in search of hair straighteners that won’t cause damage to your  hair, there are certain features that you should look out for. These features include the following:

  • Infrared technology

Infrared technology is one of the newest hair care advancement technology that uses wavelengths to heat the hair evenly from the inside there by reducing damage on the outside.

  • Ceramic plates

Hair straighteners with ceramic plates evenly distribute heat all the way across, so chunks of your hair wont burn because of hot spots.

  • Negative ion technology

Negative ions are particles that coat and condition your hair while locking in moisture, making frizz and damage from using a flat iron way less likely. Here is a list of some of the best brands of hair straighteners out there right now that contain all the features mentioned above and therefore won’t cause damage to your hair.

  • Infiniti pro rotating flat iron

This Infiniti Pro rotating flat iron uses tourmaline ceramic coated plates, and its also got a rotating barrel and removable bristles that you can use to separate strands and keep hair moving for even heat distribution. One interesting thing about this hair straightener is its rotating barrel because pulling your Flat Iron swiftly across your hair can help to minimize damage, as no section is over heated or heated for too long.

  • Wazo Hair Flat Iron

The wazo Hair Flat Iron has tourmaline coated plates and negative ion emission features. This Hair Straightener gives you shinny, sleek style with minimal frizz and damage. One interesting thing about the Wazo Hair Flat Iron is that it allows you to choose your ideal temperature between 284 and 446 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can get the right heat for any hair types. Also, because its plates are one inch; they are great for curling.

  • Xtava pro Satin infrared hair straightener

The Xtava Pro Satin Hair Straightener is great because it penetrates the cuticle and uses infrared technology to heat hair from the inside out. Its extra wide plates are ideal for thick hair, and they’ll heat up evenly and quickly. An interesting thing about the Xtava Pro Satin infrared Hair Straightener is that it straightens hair very fast.

  • Amovee mini flat iron

The AmoVee mini Flat Iron uses features like even-heating ceramic plates and negative ions to smooth hair and minimize frizz and prevent your hair from being damaged. Don’t be discouraged by its mini size, for it uses the same features as bigger models. In addition to its sophisticated design, it’s barely eight inches long and has dual voltage so you can use it wherever and whenever.

  • LumaBella Keratin Dual Touch hair straightener

This Hair straightener has ceramic plates that are infused with keratin micro conditioners, which give your hair a ton of shine and protection. Another great deal about this hair straighteners is that they are  floating, which means that you won’t snag your hair no matter what angle you are holding the straightener. The LumaBella keratin Dual Touch Straightener also has a smart heat sensor that detects if your hair is burning and lowers the temperature automatically. So chances of hair straightener damaging your hair are greatly reduced.

  • AseVea Professional ceramic infrared hair straightener

This AseVea professional ceramic infrared hair straightener has a strip of infrared light in between two ceramic evenly-heated floating barrels, and ten different temperature settings for any hair type. And as stated earlier, infrared technology is one of the newest hair care advancements technology that warms the cuticle in its entirety-including on the inside so the outside doesn’t wind up singed.

Preventing your hair from being damaged

hair straightener damage

Daily use of a straightener can damage your hair especially using it when your hair is already coarse and dry. The heat dries out your hair, making it more vulnerable to split ends and breakage. The more heat you use, and the more frequently you use it, the worse damage will be. Here are measures you can take to ensure that your hair is not damaged by hair straighteners.

Choosing the right hair straightener

Most times, inexpensive straighteners are the ones that heat up unevenly, necessitating repeated swipes and excessive exposure to heat. Some straighteners also over heat, increasing damage to your hair. So go for quality hair straighteners (regardless of how expensive they might be) with great features because poorly designed appliances can even snag strands of hair, causing breakage and hair loss.  One of the features you should also look out for in Hair Straighteners is adjustable heat setting. The adjustable heat setting will enable you to use the lowest heat required to produce the result you want.

Avoid doing too much

Even if you want straight hair each and every day, that’s not good enough reason for you to hit the heat every morning. If your hair is thick, coarse, or curly, you probably don’t need to wash every day.

Every-other-day shampoo method

Switching to an every-other-day shampoo approach helps maintain your hair’s natural oils- the same oils that heat and styling products can sap. This method will make you to straighten less frequently thereby offering your hair a much-needed break from high heat.

Using the right heat protectant

One of the simplest ways to reduce the damage of heat styling is to apply a thermal protectant before you straighten. The benefit of this product is that it creates a barrier between your hair and the heat.

Only one heat appliance a day

Don’t straighten your hair right after you blow it dry, or straighten your hair in the morning and use hot rollers at night. Pamper your hair by committing yourself to hair-friendly treatment regimen.

How to fix damaged hair ?

hair straightener damage

Whether by flat irons or other hair straightener damages, the basic thing that damaged hair needs is proteins. To fix damaged hair, you need selected proteins to be hydrolyzed so that the benefits can get inside the hair. Here are simple ways of fixing damaged hair.

Change your products

When a product stops working for you, it means that your hair has changed. So always change your products to your hair’s current state. For example, once you have more moisture in your hair, a super hydrating product could be too heavy and you need to switch to something lighter.

Use protective products

If you are used to blow-drying or straightening your hair everyday, make sure you are using products that protect the hair from heat.

Apply conditioner the right way

In using conditioners, start at the tip and massage gradually while working your way upwards.

Try a hair mask

Hair masks, especially protein Hair Masks are good for people who over indulge in chemical hair products like bleaches. Using them once a week will go a long way in remedying the effects of hair straightener damage.

Get a cut

Know when your hair is beyond repairable and meet your stylist to get a cut. Spilt ends and a lack of moisture are good signs that your hair is getting to or is beyond repairable.

Change your diet

Eating well can affect many parts of your body and your hair is not exempted.