Best Hair Straightener – Our Selection 2018

The beauty industry has been coming out with impeccable products in the last few months. If you are someone who is on a lookout for the best hair straightener, chances are you might find it here. We’ve gathered some of the best hair straighteners in 2018 all at one place. Wondering which ones made it to the list? Keep on reading!

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Babyliss Pro Nano titanium Prima 3000
Heat protection glove, good conductor of heat, 9 feet cable
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Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Ultra-thin
High heat, eliminates fizziness, wide plates, easy to handle, portable
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Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Digital
Eliminates hot spots and provides even heat distribution, leaves hair smooth and shiny
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Babyliss Pro Porcelain Ceramic
Extra-long cord, leaves hair smooth and shiny, good for curly hair
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The Best Hair Straighteners in comparison

What is the best hair straightener at the moment? This might be a tough question to answer, but with our guidelines, you will end up with ”the one” for you. If you are someone who prefers luxury, then you are definitely going to love the Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium. This baby blue hair straightener comes at a price, and it features a sleek design. The barrel is 5 inches long and perfect at gripping your hair from the roots.

If you are someone who does not want to go all out, yet you want to see salon-like results, you will love the CHI Pro Ceramic iron. This model can do wonders on tough hair, and it can even straighten it, or curl it up. Last but not least, the Kipozi Pro is the cheapest model on the market, which creates some of the best hairstyles. This iron can heat up all the way to 450 degrees, and you can set the heat up on your own and per your preference/hair type.

The Most Upscale – Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium hair straightener

Babyliss Pro Nano TitaniumOne of the best hair straighteners is the Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium. Women worldwide love it due to its sleek design and high-quality performance. If you are someone who prefers 1” straighteners, then you might need this one in your collection. The iron is very thin and petite, perfect for women who have thin and short hair. This iron is also on a pricier side, so be aware of your budget.

  • Titanium Plates

The iron features titanium plates which are great for frizzy hair. The plates are only 1”, and they seem even smaller since the iron is very thin, yet tall. The plates are 5 inches in length, which is a lot longer than your typical everyday iron. This means that you can cover a lot more surface with only one grab. Thanks to these plates you can safely conduct heat throughout your hair without drying it out while leaving it smooth.

  • 50 Heat Settings

If you prefer having options, this iron will give you 50 of them! You can set up your heat settings and choose one of 50 different options. You can style any hair type as long as you are careful when using it. The Babyliss iron warms up all the way to 450 F degrees and leaves you with silky and salon-like results.

Best Price on Amazon

  • Adjustable heat settings
  • 50 different options
  • Sleek design
  • Perfect option for short & thin hair
  • Warms up to 450 degrees
  • Features titanium plates

The Best Value For Money – CHI Original Pro 1 Ceramic hair straightener

CHI Original Pro 1 CeramicIf you are looking for an iron which is relatively affordable, especially once compared to Babyliss, then you will love this one. It is a highly talked about model in the salons among many hairstylists, and is the perfect option for women who have flat and undefined hair.

  • Frizz Free

Thanks to the infrared technology this flat iron can remove frizz and static. It is also very good at creating flat hairstyles, or even beach waves thanks to the 1” barrels. If you want diversity, you will have it with this model.

  • Quick Heating

The iron can heat up all the way up to 392°F. Thanks to its ceramic plates, the infrared heat will penetrate your strains inside out, leaving them shiny and moisturized. However, be aware of the heat since there is only one heat option. If you don’t know how to handle higher temperatures then this might not be the model for you.

  • Practical & Lightweight

This chic and sleek design is perfect for your at-home usage while being travel-friendly. It also features a dual voltage option and includes a manufacturer. The cord is practical as well, and it is 11 ft long.

Best Price on Amazon

  • Frizz-free hairstyles
  • Warms up to 392 degrees
  • Infrared heat
  • Dual voltage
  • Creates several different hairstyles
  • Not too expensive

The Best Of The Cheapest – Kipozi Pro hair straightener

Kipozi Pro hair straightenerLast but not least, one of the best hair straighteners is the Kipozi Pro Flat Iron. This model is the cheapest of them all while performing like a high-end tool. Thanks to its high heat of 450 F, this tool can create flat, wavy, and defined hairstyles. If you are someone who is on a budget, you are going to love it.

  • 450 F Heat Setting

The iron can reach its full potential of 450 F degrees. It is the perfect choice for women who have longer hair types. It also has the auto lock feature which you can control with the + O/F button. Also, you can control your heat settings and set the one that suits your hair type the best.

For instance, fragile hair should use the ”F” setting, which is 170℉-320℉. Women who have damaged hair should use heat from 330℉-380℉, the screen will say ”damaged”. Lastly, if your hair is healthy, you can go in with 390℉-450℉.

  • Titanium & Ceramic

Your hair will end up looking silky smooth thanks to the ceramic and titanium technology. Titanium coated plates are perfect at providing healthy and shiny results while leaving you with defined curls or super flat hair. Thanks to ceramic plates, your hair will hold the heat a lot better and for a longer period of time. You will enjoy the LCD touchscreen, it’s auto shut off option, and even the 360 swivel cord at a reasonable price.

  • Hight Heat

The iron can reach its full potential in less than 30 seconds. If you are someone who is constantly rushing you are going to love this feature. The iron also features dual voltage (compatible 100V-240V). All of these are features that you are going to love if you are always travelling.

Best Price on Amazon

  • Affordable
  • Titanium & ceramic coated
  • Warms up to 460 degrees
  • Several different heat settings
  • Warms up in 30 seconds
  • Works great on any hair type
  • Has a 360 swivel cord

How To Use a Hair Straightener?

You can use your hair straightener for years to come, as long as you follow these 3 rules:

  • Invest in your hair straightener

If you invest a proper amount of money, your hairstyling tool should last you up to 10 years. The best option is the iron which has ceramic plates, and that has a warranty.

  • A heat protector

Women who skip on a heat protector spray might fry their hair, no matter the temperature that they are using. Always apply a smaller amount of a heat protector onto your hands, and rub it all over your hair starting at the roots.

  • The right temperature

Make sure that the temperature is right for your hair. Here is your guideline:

– If your hair is damaged, chemically treated, or fine, you shouldn’t go above 300 degrees
– Normal hair can be styled at 300-380
– Thick, curly, or coarse hair can handle 350-400 degrees

However, always start with lower heat and work your way up. If your hairstyling tool only features one temperature then be careful and be sure that it is the one for you.

Buying Guide: Points Of Attention

When purchasing a straightener, make sure you know the material of it, the size of the barrel, and the brand.


  • Ceramic Coated Straighteners

These have the additional support of metal underneath the coating which helps you out with the styling of your hair. These get hot really quick, and they distribute the heat evenly, but they don’t stay hot for too long.

  • Ceramic Straighteners

This type can hold the heat a lot longer, but it takes some proper time to heat up. They are very ”old school”, yet efficient in their own way. These are the best at removing frizz, and they won’t pull your hair or leave it looking uneven.

  • Titanium

Titanium hair straighteners can heat up in 30 seconds, and they will hold the heat for hours to come. This material  is very lightweight, and it gives the perfect results all the way to your ends without drying them out. Titanium can last quite some time, but it is a lot more expensive than the ceramic.

  • Tourmaline

Tourmaline is not that often used in the hairstyling tools due to its hefty price. Many irons have tourmaline covered plates which only make the styling process a lot smoother. These plates can’t chip easily, and they are great at covering the entire surface.


If this is your first time purchasing a flat iron, you should go for some well-known brands, just to play it safe. Some great options (and easy to find) are:

  • Revlon

Revlon is a US brand that you can find at many bigger stores or online. Their irons feature a ceramic tourmaline and titanium plates with a lot of different heat settings. Many of their models feature the auto shut off option, as well as 25-30 different heat settings. Price wise, their irons usually sell for $10-36.

  • Rowenta

Rowenta is a well known German brand that is considered as a high end and luxury option. Their models feature floating titanium, tourmaline ceramic plates, as well as infrared rays. If you don’t mind investing a hefty amount of money into hairstyling tools, then you will love this one since it will last you for years and years to come. Usually, their irons sell for $150-180.

  • Xtava

This is another US brand that many professionals use at their salons. This brand features irons which can heat up in 30 seconds and that are very travel-friendly. Many of their tools have high heat settings, which range anywhere from 200-445F. They are also very affordable, and they sell for $30-40.

Watch Out For Damaged Hair!

Damages are always possible if you are not careful enough. Some things that you are not aware of are:

1. Your Hair Can Burn

Just like your skin can burn, so can your hair. The only difference is that you can’t feel it. Believe it or not, burnt hair cells can get caught up onto your iron and then cause them to stick to your hair. Make sure your flat iron gets replaced in time, and make sure you use it with caution.

2. Don’t Style Wet Hair

Wet hair is prone to breakage, and it can lose its shape quickly. If you style your hair while it is still wet, you are actually causing your ends to split, and your strands will end up broken. Make sure your hair is dried correctly with a blowdryer, and that there is no excess moisture.

3. Don’t Use Heat On Bleached Hair

Never apply high heat on bleached hair or your highlights. High temperature will open up your cuticles and rinse out the colour a lot faster. Instead, use lower heat on your coloured/bleached/damaged hair and be fast and efficient.

How To Prevent Possible Damages?

1. Style Sections

Styling your hair little by little is the way to go. Grabbing big sections might seem like a faster process, but it will just leave you with frizz. Make sure your sections are as wide as your plates.

2. Use The Right Protectant Spray

Using a heat protectant spray means that you are reducing breakage and protecting your strains. This will come in handy as a protection layer, and your hair will thank you for it.

3. Don’t Use Hairspray

Using hairspray, oils, or any products before your hair is at least semi-dried up is not the best idea. If you notice that the smoke is coming out when you style your hair, then this means that you are actually burning it.

4. Don’t Repeat The Process

Going through the same piece over and over with a straightener is not the best idea since your iron will create frizz. Rather turn on a higher heat setting and pass the straightener through your hair only once.

5. Clean Your Iron

Burnt pieces, dust, as well as the excess amount of your hairstyling sprays might find a way to get into the flat iron. Clean your tool periodically with some alcohol, but make sure that the iron is unplugged. Wipe your plates with some damp towels and you will prolong the life of your tool, and get better hairstyling results.