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Best Straightening Brush – Our selection 2018

Hair straightener brushes have come a long way since they came into existence. And they just keep getting better and better to help you achieve that straight rather seamless look that you have been longing for. And while there are tons of viable hair straightener brushes you could go for, here is the best hair straightening brush you’ll find on the market. And don’t forget to read other comparisons on our portal, such as the best hot air brushes.

Head Straightening Brush AsaVea Straightening Brush MiroPure Straightening Brush
Ionic Ceramic
2.5 pounds
1.7 pounds
1.5 pounds
Up to 450F
Up to 450F
150°C (300°F) to 230°C (450°F)
ANTI SCALD Technology
MCH Heating Technology + ANTI SCALD Technology
MCH Heating Technology + ANTI SCALD Technology
In short
Anti-Scald Technology, Dual Voltage Operation Support, Travel Friendly, Customizable Heat Settings, Lock Temperature Feature
Simple to Operate, Heats Up in Record Time, Anti-Scald Technology Assurance
Travel Friendly, Double Ionic Generator , Professional Nano Comb, Auto Shut Off
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The Best Straightening Brushes in comparison

Looking great is a really big deal for ladies. And not just in terms of how you dress and the make-up you put on but also your hair. Now, I know that there’s a lot that goes into hair styling and getting that professional out of the salon look that you so desire. From the finances to the hassle you go through to get the perfect tool, let’s just say it’s not a walk in the park at all.

And if you’re anything like the modern shopper with little or no time to browse over every available option, then you’ll probably have a harder time getting a right fit hair straightening brush for your needs. Don’t worry though, we’ve got just what you need – a comparison of some of the brushes in this category. We shall start with the Head Kandy Straightening Brush.

The most upscale – Head Straightening Brush

Head Straightening BrushFounded in 2014 by Kayla McNeil, Head Kandy provides a much-needed addition to the hair and beauty industry offering top notch quality results with every glide. It is affordable, effective and reliable and has signature straightening brushes uniquely formulated to give you that all so fabulous celebrity look. Slowly becoming a household name, it’s certainly no surprise that the Head Kandy Straightening Brush made it to our top best straightening brushes at all.

Why the Head Kandy Straightening Brush?

The Head Kandy Straightening Brush is an innovative tool that detangles those stubborn unruly tresses and curls to give your hair that stunning professional straight out of the salon look. Discover our opinion about this straightening brush.

Best Price on Amazon

  • Anti-Scald Technology
  • Dual Voltage Operation Support
  • Travel Friendly
  • Customizable Heat Settings
  • Lock Temperature Feature

The best value for money – AsaVea Straightening Brush

AsaVea Straightening BrushThe Asavea Hair Straightening Brush is one of the most coveted ceramic straightening brushes on the market. It packs a variety of well to do features including impeccable and relentless safety as well as an attractive design that makes it an easy pick regardless of where its placed on the shelf.

Normally, it takes a little over an hour to straighten up your hair with a regular hair straightener. And this is minus all the hassle you have to go through before you get your hair to finally cave the way you want it to. But what if I could tell you that you can get your hair done faster? I know what you’re thinking. That can’t be possible. Although it sounds impossible and a little far-fetched, never say never.

Why the AsaVea Straightening Brush?

With the Asavea hair straightening brush, you not only get reliability and exceptional performance but also get to enjoy a speedier styling process. And read our complete review to get more information.

Best Price on Amazon

  • Six gears temperature adjustment
  • Ceramic heating components
  • Attractive compact slim line design
  • LCD display
  • Flexible swivel cord
  • Simple to Operate
  • Heats Up in Record Time
  • Anti-Scald Technology Assurance

The best of the cheapest – MiroPure Straightening Brush

MiroPure Straightening BrushThe Miropure Hair Straightening Brush is one of the best sellers when it comes to straightening brushes. Not to mention a household name that’s taken the hair and beauty industry by storm. It is remarkably smart in terms of performance and construction and has a rather sleek professional design that makes it’s easy to turn rather unruly hair to an incredible masterpiece.

Getting ready for work is never an easy affair. And although some people have it all figured out, for some, it takes a lot of planning and effort which takes up tons of manpower and time too. However, once you’re done with all other preparations comes the mother of all morning chaos – the hair. And if you’re anything like me and love to get things done as quickly as possible, a hair straightening brush is something that you definitely want to add to your arsenal.

And while there are tons of great ones out there, only a select few fit the bill in as far as performance and function go. We know just how taxing picking a suitable straightening brush can be and so we took it upon ourselves to do all the heavy lifting for you and after hours of research and interviews we came to the conclusion that the Miropure Hair Straightening Brush is the best of the cheapest.

Why the Miropure Hair Straightening Brush?

While there are tons of hair straightening brushes, Miropure has a lot going on for it that make it a great to go to brush for all your straightening needs. You’ll be hard pressed to find anything that matches its performance and reliability not to mention its ease of use and great design. To find more information, click here.

Best Price on Amazon

  • Travel Friendly
  • Different Temperature Settings with Salon High Heat
  • Double Ionic Generator
  • Professional Nano Comb
  • Auto Shut Off
  • Auto Temperature Lock

Hair straightening brush : buying guide 


Even though they share a common purpose, hair straightening brushes have a lot of individual differences. Below we have discussed a few of the most common features that you should be on the lookout for.

  • Temperature Range

Even though hair straightening brushes are meant to make styling your hair a whole lot easier, a machine that lacks a wide enough temperature range will still cause you grief. Using it can get really old real fast because it has nothing much to offer. That is why most hair straighteners have a wide temperature range of between 300 degrees to 450 degrees.

  • Number of heat settings

The number of heat settings a hair straightening brush has is another essential feature that you need to put into consideration. Think of it this way, different hair types require different heat settings and the more heat settings a hair straightening brush has, the better. This way whether you have coarse, unruly hair or fine hair, you can still use a straightening brush seamlessly.

  • Ease of use

Contrary to popular misconception, ease of use doesn’t come automatically for all hair straightening brushes. Different models are made differently and will therefore have different levels of ease in as far as operation goes too. However, if you do better with user friendly interfaces, the ease of operation is certainly something worth keeping an eye out for.

  • Safety features

While different types of hair straightening brushes features different safety features, there are two features. You will likely find these two features that you’ll find in every or at least most of all high-end top performing hair straightening brushes. An auto shut off feature and an auto temperature lock.

  • Auto Shut Off

Most hair straightening brushes come with an auto shut off function that detects nonuse and automatically shuts the straightener off to avoid the occurrence of accidents.

  • Auto Temperature Lock

Not only is this feature impressive, but it is also quite clever too. With the auto temperature lock in place, You can set your preferred optimal temperature without the danger of accidentally changing it while styling.

  • Dual voltage capability

This is one feature that you have to appreciate especially if you have a knack for travelling like I do. With the dual voltage, you can carry your hair straightening brush with you anywhere you go without having to worry about buying an adapter.

A straightening brush : a good alternative to the hair straightener ?

Whether you are a novice try it out kind of person or an expert hair professional, you’ll find that these three straightening brushes provide a great alternative to hair straighteners any day any time. Recommend getting yourself the Miropure Hair Straightening Brush. We guarantee that you’ll not be disappointed with this purchase.

How to use it ?


How do you achieve that much desired look using a hair straightening brush? Below is a simple step by step guide that will help.

1. Wash you hair

You do not want to straighten your hair while its still oily and has all kinds of dirt. Dirty hair does not retain the straightening effect. The process is also not efficient enough. Use shampoo and hair conditioner advisably one with a moisturizing effect on the hair.

2. Apply heat protectants to the shampooed hair

Protectatnts prevent hair from heat damage and also ensure that the brush works out magic on your hair. It is advisable that you apply this products before the hair dries out. Ensure your hair is completely dry before straightening it.

3. Preparing the straightening brush

Plug in the brush to a power source. Switch it on and select the preferred temperature, all displayed on the LCD panel. Allow the brush to heat up as you prepare your hair by partitioning it appropriately.

Comb through the hair starting form the top to the bottom. Work through your hair allowing at least three seconds of contact between the hair and the brush. The process should last you less than 15 minutes.