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Head Kandy Straightening Brush Review

Read on to find out why we love the Head Kandy straightening brush. Founded in 2014, Head Kandy provides a much-needed addition to the hair and beauty industry offering affordable effective signature straightening brushes that are uniquely formulated. Slowly becoming a staple brand and a household name, Head Kandy products allow customers to relish all the different types of glamour and update their look without breaking the bank.

Why buy the head kandy straightening brush?
  • Quality
  • Resistance / Durability
  • Hair Straightening
  • Design
  • Ease of use
  • Price

Expert opinion

We have reviewed several hair straightening brushes and none of them compare to the head kandy straightening brush. We certainly have nothing but praise from this amazing product. Despite one minor flaw, you can expect the best from this product.
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Head Kandy Straightening Brush : The best of the best

head kandy straightening brushStyling brushes are necessary to give you the silky-smooth professional out of the salon look that you’ve always wanted for a special occasion. More so, if you’re among the many ladies who can’t seem to keep those beachy waves and unruly curls in check. However, having brushes, combs and a range of straighteners on your counter can be a total disaster. If you have limited space on your counter, you are bound to accidentally knock over some items causing frustration and very possibly breaking some of your most priced hair brushes.

And if you like to travel its practically impossible to carry all your separate styling tools. Maybe it’s time you invested in something more reliable. A hair straightening brush perhaps?

Why a Hair Straightening Brush?

Forget combs, flat irons and all the other tools in your arsenal, hair straightening brushes are the in thing now. These handy tools combine the detangling power of a brush with the heat of a straightener. This in turn gives your hair that stunning luster that will leave people stunned. They are also safer and come with universal voltage. Universal voltage allows you to explore the world with your handy tool by your side every step of the way.The Head Kandy straightening brush is perfect for this.

Key features of the product

  • Anti-Scald Technology

We’ve all been there before. You’re in a hurry to get your hair in tip top shape and head out and then suddenly you get burnt and scalded. No one likes it. But it pretty much happens all the time. Luckily the Head Kandy Straightening Brush 2.0 incorporates an anti-scald technology in its construction. This feature ensures that you get on with your styling escapades without getting burned or scalded.

  • Dual Voltage Operation Support

This is one feature that I can get behind. I for one love touring the world and discovering new destinations and to have a brush that accommodates my otherwise on the move lifestyle is king. With the dual voltage, the Head Kandy Straightening Brush can be used just about anywhere you are in the world without the need for an adapter which makes things a bit easier for the user.

  • Travel Friendly

Travel much? Then you’ll love the Head Kandy Straightening Brush. Its lights and compact to allow you to carry it with you when you need to go for an out of town trip.

  • Customizable Heat Settings

When it comes to beauty and hair care tools, customizability is key. Obviously, you want something that you can easily work around to suit your needs and match your preferences. Well, you’re in luck! The Head Kandy Straightener has customizable heat settings which you can fine tune to suit your hair type. This means that you can get your hair just the right amount of heat it needs to stay healthy and still look effortlessly sleek.

  • Lock Temperature Feature

I know it’s hard to fathom that you could switch the temperature settings in the middle of your styling routine, but it happens a lot more than most of us would care to admit. Accidentally of course. You’re busy styling and you press the switch button accidentally. With the lock temperature function in place, you can rest assured that the temperature will remain at where you set it till you’re done styling.

  • For its use, it is pretty light
  • has an anti-scald design
  • It can be used anywhere in the world
  • Comes with a long swivel cord to prevent getting tangled up
  • Dramatically reduces the time you spend styling your hair
  • comes with streamlines bristles that ease the straightening process

In brief

We had to finally settle on the Head Kandy Straightening Brush 2.0 as the best premium brush on the market. Say you are a rookie hair stylist or an expert in the game. You may be in search for a revolutionary straightening brush that will rock your world. We highly recommend the Head Kandy Straightening Brush. Sure, it’s not without its fair share of cons, but it will be well worth your while in the long run. We promise you will not be disappointed with your purchase.

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