Best Hot Air Brush For Short Hair – Our selection 2018

The use of hot air brushes for straightening short hair is one of the growing trends for styling your hair. No need to spend long hours every morning drying your hair while hot air brushes can do that for you easily with just a few passes. Hot air brushes just make you ready a little faster every morning. There are different brands of hot air brushes in the market. Each hair brush has got its own features. But the best thing for you to do is to get a good review of each before you make your decision. Do not make hasty decisions that you will come to regret later. We are going to take a look at the few best hot air brush for short hair in the market so that you can make your own choice.

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Calista Hot Air Brush
Light weight hence portable, Comes with additional devices for your safety
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Infiniti Pro Hot Air Brush by Conair
Can work on hair that might have gone through any chemical treatment, Can be used to curl your hair, Comes with a barrel protector
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MHU Pro Hot Air Brush & Volumizer
It saves you time due to the high power produced, Suitable for different types of hair
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The Best Hot Air Brush For Short Hair in comparison

A hot air brush is a tool that curls and straightens hair. The hot air brush is of different types to cater for both short and long hair. But we will just focus on the brushes that suits short hair. These were designed to take care of short hair that is in its early stages to grow into long hair. It was also designed to cater for the ladies who wish to maintain it short and classy always.

Ceramic straightening brush has different and unique features from other brands. Having ceramic tourmaline technology puts it on a different path.This utilizes the heat and negative ions produced for your hair. These features have suited it in the best way to make it unique. This features make it preferred by professional stylist far from other brands. This hot air brushes are made to make your short hair look nice and smart.

The most upscale – Calista Hot Air Brush For Short Hair

Calista hot air brush for short hairHaving a 2-inch wide barrel, featuring thick nylon teeth that don’t bend or melt during high temperature, the Calista hot air brush is suitable for short thick hair.

From its perspective, it’s just advanced in its own way for the teeth to sustain the high temperatures of the ceramic hair straightening brush. It is made free to give you a cool holding and operating angle.

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  • Two temperature settings. Low (356°F) and high (392°F)
  • Ionic ceramic barrel
  • Auto shut off safety feature
  • Dual voltage
  • Instant heat up
  • Digital display

The best value for money – Conair Infiniti Pro Hot Air Brush For Short Hair

Conair Infiniti Pro hot air brush for short hairThe ceramic straightening brush from Conair gives your hair the look you just want on your head. It is made with directional spin that makes sure your hair will just be styled in the best way. Despite it being more than everyone’s reach, it is worth sacrificing for.

Having a tangle free antistatic bristles, it just glides through your hair with ease.The natural tourmaline technology, distributes the heat evenly into the bristles to work on every strand of hair.These features just give you a good short hair maintenance all day if you are only willing to take the risk and purchase it for yourself to experience.

Best Price on Amazon

  • Ceramic/ion technology
  • 3 temperature settings i.e. high, low and cool temperature
  • Multi directional spin
  • Sensitive rotation switches
  • Tangle free antistatic bristles

The best of the cheapest – MHU Pro Hot Air Brush & Volumizer

MHU hot air brush for short hairWith a 1.2-inch barrel, MHU ceramic straightening brush produces high power to dry your hair fast and help you save time. Coated with ceramic tourmaline, it keeps your hair healthy preventing over heating  during styling hence reduces hair damage. The anti-static bristles just glide smoothly through your hair not pulling it apart to create trenches within your hair.

From this few description, the MHU pro hot air brush is just the best for your little income to help you look decent in your crew.Do not just assume that it is cheap and think its just a waste of money, its made cheap so that you can afford it.Its a nice tool for you to have since its fit for you in terms of finance hence made cheap.Don’t jump into conclusions before you go through this.

Best Price on Amazon

  • Ceramic tourmaline technology
  • 2 heat/speed setting for any type of hair (low and high temperature)
  • Ceramic tourmaline coated barrel
  • Quality nylon and horse hair bristle brush

Short Hair : Points of attention

Short hair is the first step in a thousand miles to get your long sexy hair. Because of this, if you do not make a nice first step, you might get lost in a thousand-mile journey. Also, hair needs attention from the first day. You can never achieve this if you just get careless about your hair. You need to treat your short hair with all care it needs in different ways. The most obvious being, maintaining it clean all time to avoid the bad odor that may develop.

Maintain the cleanliness of your hair will make it grow in the best way possible. It will also maintain its glow and the shiny look even before styling it up. Use little hair products to avoid clogged hair as it grows. Also select your hair products very carefully. Not all products will just be good on your hair. Some might be harmful and damage your short hair instead of maintaining it and some may be reactive on your skin. Maintain a consistent and trusted stylist that will always give you the best advice on how to maintain your short hair for a professional look. Be on the look out to get one since many are out there just to make money not to care about their clients.

How take care of short hair ?

Having short hair gives you easy time to maintain and take good care of it. Taking less time to wash, dry and style. However, it can be tricky to maintain incase you got no guide to how. Luckily, we got you covered.

Wash your hair using moisturizing shampoo whenever it starts looking oily. But you should take into consideration the texture of your hair. But you will not need to condition your hair on a daily basis. Do not use a lot of shampoo or too much conditioning, it might not be effective on your short hair.

After making sure your hair is clean, leave it to dry out. Since your short hair may show damage, you have to limit the amount of heat you expose your hair to. Incase you need to to blow your hair, do not dry it to maximum dryness. Wrap it your hair in a net to keep your hair intact as it dries naturally.

Use hair products that suit your hair. Do not mix up hair products or testing of hair products on your hair because it might be reactive with your skin and even damage your hair. Use small amounts of specified and right hair product such as anti-frizz serum, gel, texturing spray or styling spray.

Make sure that you style your hair using a damp comb accompanied by a spray that is designed to protect your hair. Styling it after washing it.protects the mositure within it. Try out different types of styles to maintain the texture of your hair.

Maintain your hair cut. Get trims of your hair after a given time span as directed by your hair stealthies periodic trimming maintains cool hair style. Keep a trusted hair styler who will help you to maintain your short hair. She/he will help you to always change your hair styles frequently and give you more advice on how to maintain your short hair.

Choose the best maintaining hair products that fit your hair on the advice of your hair stylist. Change the air styles with time. This will also help you to keep your hair in order.

Also your scalp needs the same attention that you give the rest of  body skin. Think about having a scalp treatment to avoid weighing it down from the dead skin debris that just deposit itself on the surface. With this in mind, you will avoid a lot of itching.