Best Hot Air Brush – Ranking 2018

Are you a hair stylist or DIYer? Do you find it expensive to regularly visit the salon? You can do away with the pinch by getting a hot air brush that you can use at the comfort of your home as well as professional use. There are many hot air brushes in the market and choosing the best can become quite a hassle for you. In this article, we are going to do a review narrowing down the options to help you find the best hot air brush that perfectly suits your hair needs.

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John Frieda Hot Air Brush
John Frieda Hot Air Brush, Light-weight,Titanium Ceramic Barrel
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Revlon Hot Air Brush
Ceramic Technology, Rotating Barrel, Heat and Speed settings
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babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Hot Air Brush
3 temperature settings, Multi-directional 2-inch barrel, Multi-directional 2-inch barrel
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The Best Hot Air Brushes in comparison

We shall be looking at the most upscale, the one with the best value for money and the best of the cheapest hot air brushes. The John Frieda is the most upscale hot air brush and is quite expensive because of it versatile performance and functionality.

If you are looking for an affordable alternative with the best money value to the John Frieda hair styler, then you would probably like the Revlon hot air brush. It comes with two interchangeable brushes offering more speed and power. It however seems to be cheaply constructed and its clip could break easily.

If you want a hot air brush that is just the best among the cheapest, then the BaByliss pro Nano titanium hot air brush is definitely what you should be getting. Below is a detailed review including pros and cons for each of these products.

The most upscale – John Frieda Hot Air Brush

John Frieda Hot Air BrushThe John Frieda is a popular name in the hair care industry. It has a unique ergonomic design that provides you enough grip to operate the tool with ease. John hot air brush comes fitted with an advanced technologythat enables it to release up to 50% additional ions for shiny and frizz free hair. The hot air brush also has an enhanced air control feature that allow its maximum performance making it the best hot air brush.

This hot air brush is just a game changer. It has a shine shape I-inch hot air brush with a titanium ceramic coated barrel. This significant aspect allows for even heat distribution and frizz free volume. These advanced features just make the John Frieda the best hot air brush in the market.

From adding volume to hair straightening. This magnificent hot air brush has an array of uses. You can also use it to create small curls at the end of your hair or add some retro style waves while drying your hair. With its great technology you are assured of easy, fast hair styling that is safe and convenient. We highly recommend this tool for its versatile performance.

Best Price on Amazon

  • Revolutionary Iconic technology
  • Ergonomic grip design
  • Light-weight
  • Titanium Ceramic Barrel
  • Two heat settings plus cool settings
  • Nylon and ball tipped bristles
  • Swivel cord
  • 500 watts
  • Enhanced air control

The best value for money – Revlon Hot Air Brush

Revlon Hot Hair BrushYou are probably in the right place if you often experience difficulty while styling your own hair. Its more likely you are thinking that your hair is the problem. You will find it astonishing that the hair tools you are using are not satisfactory and have been the problem all along. Well, the hair care industry is wide and landing on the perfect hair styling tool that is also pocket friendly can be quite a tussle.

The Revlon hot air brush is a state of the art hair styler. It overcomes bad hair challenges by allowing you to create trendy hair styles in a jiffy while using one hand. This hair styler would come in handy as it has an inspiring design. It also has a bit massive handle that is comfortable as it offers good grip preventing slip while operating. The  hot air brush has removable barrels with tangle free bristles that are ideal for straightening, curling and brushing while drying. It also works on all types of hair adding volume, eliminating frizz and making static hair smooth.

The Revlon could become your closest ally on the very first use. With its multiple functions the Revlon hot air brush does it all. From straight hair, gentle waves to bouncy curls. It just proves itself to be the best hot air brush in the wide market.

The device is made with high quality materials incorporated with an ionic technology to give your hair a more shinier and healthier look. It has two ceramic barrels with a triple baked tourmaline coating. This smart covering supplies conditioning ions to your while hair providing safe application of heat.

The Revlon hot air brush body has been built with non-heating plastic that is also impact resistant. This strong durable body gives it a long life. It also shields it from breaking in case it falls down and ensures you don’t get burned.

This tool is also very safe to have. Its shut-off function is significant because even the most responsible person could forget to turn off the heated tool. Thus, its automatic shut off that takes only 30 minutes to switch off is a feature that you are probably going to fall in love with.

Best Price on Amazon

  • Interchangeable Styling Barrel
  • Ceramic Technology
  • Rotating Barrel
  • Perforated Barrel
  • 3-Heat and Speed settings
  • Cold Settings
  • 200 watts
  • World-wide Voltage
  • Curl Release Switch

The best of the cheapest – BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Hot Air Brush

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Hot Air BrushDo you want an incredible volume, lift and shine for your hair in a short period of time and with minimal efforts? Then the BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium Hot Air Brush is quite possible the answer to all your styling needs. It is also quite possibly the best hot air brush in the wide market. It works for both long and short hair and preferably chin length that is long enough to fit its large roller.

The BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium hot air brush has a rotating bristle that volumizes and shines while drying for a smooth, silky hair. It also has a ceramic responsible for protecting your hair from heat damage. Its has 100x more ion conditioning that seals in moisture and gives a dazzling shine. You also have the option to turn off the rotating action to enhance the sleek look. You are assured of fabulous results in whichever way you decide to spin it.

Best Price on Amazon

  • Nano titanium technology
  • Anti-static bristles
  • Push button: forward and reverse control
  • Multi-directional 2-inch barrel
  • 3 temperature settings
  • Ergonomic design

Why use a hot air brush ?

Flat irons and curling irons are quite useful but not as great as a powerful ceramic hot air brush. We are in love with these gorgeous products. Not only are they affordable, hot air brushes perform their function seamlessly without damaging your hair or burning the scalp.

Its gets boring to wear the same straight or curled hair every day. Its also natural how we all want to change our looks regularly. This can be perfectly achieved with hot air styling brushes. They allow you to give your hair volume as well as a different style that is more relaxed and fulfilling. The hot air brush is a lot easier to use in comparison to flat and curling irons. More reasons to love it.

Discover the best hot air brushes for fine hair and for short hair !

How to use a hot air brush ?

  1. Wash hair as normal and use the right conditioner for your hair type.
  2. Towel dry hair so it’s damp rather than soaking wet.
  3. Apply your desired heat-protection spray (essential for any hot styling).
  4. Section hair.
  5. Plug in your rotating brush.
  6. Start with the section at the far back and gently twist hair up in the brush without applying too much pressure.
  7. Let the brush do the work. The beauty of this brush is its two-way mechanism so it blows through lots of air and generates volume.
  8. If you can’t get to grips with it, on most models you can switch the rotator off but start with one section and understand it, you should be able to do your entire head of hair.
  9. Once complete, finish with a few drops serum such as an Argan oil or Moroccan oil or hairspray to set your style.