Best Hot Tools Curling Iron 2018

What is the deal with hot hair curling tools? We dig deeper. Does your hobble hair get you down at times? Well, you should not worry anymore as your solution probably includes a curling iron and having a very qualitative curling iron is very important. Here, we present to you one of best curling wand brand : Hot Tools curling iron.

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Curl Bar Hot Tools Curling Iron
Unique Ergonomic Handle, Dual Voltage, Control dial
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Hot Tools Curling Iron Curly-Q
Nano ceramic Barrel, folding safety stand, 30 temperature settings
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Hot Tools Curling Iron Professional 1181
Fully Adjustable, Easy to handle, Extra-long Power Cable
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The Best Hot Tools Curling Irons in comparison

If you are having difficulties achieving Instagram worthy curls, then it is probably neither your hair styling methods nor your hair. The hidden secret to these attracting bouncy tresses comes down to the tools you are using. In this article, we shall be reviewing the best Hot Tools Curling Iron available on the market while covering their pros and cons. We appreciate that there are several brands in the market currently. So how do you get to choose one that performs remarkably, does not drain your pocket and lasts long enough.

The most upscale – Curl Bar Hot Tools Curling Iron

Curl Bar Hot Tools Curling IronThe Hot Tools Curl Bar is a recent curling iron system combining a distinctive ergonomic design with the versatility of four interchangeable barrels.

Its design has great benefits for hair professionals as they deliver the best styling results with less muscle and joints strains. The Hot Tool Curl Bar is also ergonomically designed in an angle which allows you to easily wrap your hair from root to tip.

It makes hair styling simple and easy as its done without twisting and turning your elbows, shoulders, wrists and arms. The unique design helps in preventing shoulder, elbow and wrist strains.

This hot tool curling iron features a pulse technology. This technology is responsible for fast heat up and instant recovery of heat. It is also responsible for maintaining a constant, even heat while styling your hair.


  • Unique Ergonomic Handle

For those who have used a hair curler before, its well known of how much strain it applies on the wrist, shoulders and elbow. This Hot Tools Curl Bar iron is specially designed to set the bar as the newest in the salon industry. The curl bar is uniquely shaped like a number 7 and ergonomically angled to offer a whole new angle on curls. This shape is responsible for achieving attracting yet long-lasting curls in just a matter of seconds.

  • Dual Voltage

This feature best suits those who love travelling a lot. This is because it allows you to use in whatever place or location you are at.

  • Control dial

The control dial has a variable heating setting of up to 450ºF. It also provides digital accuracy with its rotating digital readout temperature display. This feature allows you to precisely select the needed heat in order to create beautiful defined curls that lasts for quite a lengthy period of time.

  • 24K gold styling surface

The stunning gold color is just as attracting as the Hot tools curl bar iron. These patents pending, uniquely shaped and ergonomically angled curling irons are available in several sizes. There is the 1 inch and the 1 ¼ inch barrel sizes all available for different curl desires. The 24K gold styling surface is responsible for even distribution of heat. It is also ideal for all types of hairs.

  • Soft Touch handle

Well, with most hot tools curling wand, the handle is something that requires careful consideration before purchasing. With the soft handle of the hot tool curl bar you get to have a comfortable grip that makes it easy to style your hair without too much hustle.

  • Protective wear

If you have ever styled your hair at home before, then you understand very well how hot these curling wands could get. Sometimes the heat is just too much for you to handle the tool with ease and comfort. The hot tool curl bar is just an exception as it comes with both heat resistant gloves to shield your hands from any heat injuries as well as a heat resistant mat to protect counter surface as you style your hair.

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  • Dual voltage
  • Ergonomic properties
  • Sleek design
  • Temperature control dials

The best value for money – Hot Tools Curling Iron Curly-Q

Hot Tools Curling Iron Curly-QDo you have short hair? Does it seem like it’s getting cumbersome each time you go to do it? You are probably thinking the problem might be your styling technique. Well, the fault might not be you but the type of curling iron you are using. If you really face difficulties curling your short hair on a regular basis, then worry no more as you will be getting to know the right curling iron to solve your problems. The Hot Tool Curly-Q curling wand is probably the perfect tool to use for those with short hair.

  • Performance and Versatility

Well, all of us prefer a curling iron that gives us the ability to easily fine tune it to our preferred settings. The Hot Tool Curling Iron Curly-Q knows this fact too well. They have made this product as the best Hot Tools curling iron. It features 30 different heat settings (280°F to 450°F) that you can select with the use of a reliable rheostat wheel control. This wheel control puts you in charge of the temperature you desire curling your short hair at.

  • Nano-ceramic Barrel

The Hot Tools Curling Iron Curly-Q has a tapered (1/2” to 1 ¼”) barrel. The tapered barrel is coated with particles of Nano-ceramics. This feature comes with a number of advantages. The most significant advantage is that it enables this curling iron barrel to heat up in less time as well as heat up evenly. With the incorporation of this advanced technology, your hair can now look shinier and retain its moisture even after it has been curled.

  • Convenience

The Hot Tools Curling Iron Curly-Q gives your abundant freedom of movement. Its generously eight feet power cord allows you to move around while styling your hair. The power cable has a swivel end attached to prevent it from tangling up as you are using it.

  • Safety

Your safety will always be Hot Tools Curling Iron Curly-Q first priority. It has an in-built automatic shut off and a safety cooling tip. A heat resistant styling glove as well as a folding safety stand to rest the hot iron when not in use.

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  • Long swivel chord
  • Auto-shut of function
  • Heats up instantly

The best of the cheapest – Hot Tools Curling Iron Professional 1181

Hot Tools Curling Iron Professional 1181Are you having trouble looking for some looser, medium size curls in your black type hair? The problem might be lying in the tool of styling you are using. In order for you to curl your thick, coarse and kinky hair, you require the right tool kit. The Hot Tools Curling Iron Professional 1181 might be the tool you have been missing.

  • Fully Adjustable

Well, the manufactures of this product know very well that we all like use our fine-tuned preferences. Its 24K gold plated jumbo barrel heats up quickly, maintains even and constant heat from low temperature to super-hot even while hair is styled. It has the capability of heating up to 428°F.

  • Easy to handle

The handle for the Hot Tools Curling Iron Professional 1181 has a soft grip that makes it comfortable and secure to handle. Its thumb grip is also extra-long to improve handling.

  • Safe to use

It comes with a foldaway stand for resting making it safe to use even when super-hot.

  • Extra-long Power Cable

It has eight feet long heavy-duty power cord. This power cord also come with an improved swivel capacity for longer lasting cord life.

  • Performance

It has ten variable heat level settings that allows high performance from exclusive Gets Hot… Stays Hot™ mechanism. It also comes with a bonus of two additional replaceable springs.On and off switches are separate to allow the rheostat control to memorize preferred heat settings.Barrel’s cool tip is extra-long for added safety to hands and fingers while styling hair.Has a high-performance spring clamp.

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  • Adjustable heat settings
  • long swivel chord
  • Fold-away heat stand

Why use Hot Tools ?

If you have short hair and you want it curled, then the Hot Tool Curling Iron Curly-Q is the best hot tools curling wand you could use. This is because it works well on short hairstyles. Its 30 different dial-up heat settings are the ideal feature here as no one size of hair fits all these temperature settings. This versatile heat selections gives you the ability to select the best temperature that greatly works on your short hair.

When it comes to unique designs, the Hot Tool Curl Bar is ergonomically designed in an angle that allows you to work on your hair with too much ease. This product’s rare design really helps to prevent strains on your arms, shoulders and wrists. For this, We are in love with this products. This is the main reason as to why you should go for the hot iron tools.