The Best Nume Flat Irons 2018

Keeping your hair frizz free and well styled can prove to be quite an arduous task. Add that to not having that right tool in your arsenal and it quickly turns to a disaster waiting to happen. Luckily, there’s something that can help make things easier for you – a hair straightener. Hair straighteners are extremely convenient and handy tools when you need to style up your hair to achieve that tousled natural look.

Nume Megastar
Nume Style Setter
Nume Silhouette
NuMe Flat Iron Megastar NuMe Flat Iron Style Setter NuMe Flat Iron Silhouette
Tourmaline - Ceramic
15 x 3 x 5.5 inches
1.4 pounds
1.2 pounds
1.8 pounds
Ion Technology
In short
Digital Temperature Display, Floating plates, Automatic Shut Off , 1-inch Ceramic Tourmaline Plates, Built-in Infrared Technology, Dual Voltage
Titanium Plates, 7/8-inc, Far Infrared Heat Floating Plates, Auto Shut Off Feature
Stone Ceramic Plates, 1-1/8-inch Floating Plates, Negative Ion Conditioning, Dual Voltage
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The Best Nume Flats Irons in comparison

In this article, we have selected what we believe are the best Nume hair straightener flat irons available on the market. We assure you that you’ll find all or at least one of them quite helpful.

The most upscale – NuMe Flat Iron Megastar

NuMe Flat Iron MegastarWith rather durable ceramic tourmaline plates incorporated into the design, Nume flat iron intentions with hair care are clear. We liked this little gadget in particular because aesthetically it looks well thought out.

This nume flat iron  certainly has features to talk home about including the built in infrared technology and auto shut off feature. But it’s not the cheapest option in town and so the common conundrum of practicality versus quality can be a bit of an issue. The quality of this nume flat iron hair straightener is also a huge plus and another reason to definitely add this to your arsenal. Our review here.

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  • Digital Temperature Display : The digital temperature display is undoubted a rather key factor to consider when choosing a suitable hair straightener. This nume flat iron allows you to adjust the temperature and you can watch the temperature gradually climb as the hair straightener heats up.
  • Floating plates : Nume Megastar gives you floating plates to help bring out your inner creativity.  With this feature, it just doesn’t stop at creating the ultimate sleek straight look but also creating defined curls and beachy waves too.
  • Automatic Shut Off : One great thing about the Nume Megastar hair straightener is its automatic shut off feature. With this handy feature included, you no longer have to worry about burning your house down. You also need not worry about prolonging the life of your nume flat iron as the auto shut off detects non-use and automatically shuts off the straightener.
  • 1-inch Ceramic Tourmaline Plates : Another vital component to be on the lookout for are the hair straighteners plates. Being responsible for giving your hair that lustrous finish, you’ll want to be sure that they will step up to the occasion when needed. Luckily, the Nume Megastar has tourmaline infused ceramic plates . This key feature of the nume flat iron you straighten your hair with less heat and combat frizziness that’s often caused by positive ions.
  • Built-in Infrared Technology : As an extra perk, the Nume Megastar hair straightener has a built-in infrared technology. A great feature of the nume flat iron: it allows heat to directly penetrate the hair’s cortex and heat it inside out. This is quite important especially if you want to cut down on styling time and create less heat exposure.
  • Dual Voltage : Travel much? Then you’ll love the Nume Megastar hair straightener’s dual voltage feature. With this feature, you don’t have to take your converter with you as the nume flat iron will work just fine no matter where you are.

The best value for money – NuMe Flat Iron Style Setter

NuMe Flat Iron Style SetterA quick look at the pricing on Amazon for  this nume flat iron and we were a bit curious to know what made this small tool cost so much. And find out we did. With titanium plates incorporated to the design and considering just how durable the Nume Style Setter Flat iron is, we can say that it’s definitely among the most resilient of our options.

With strategically placed 7/8-inch plates, this nume flat iron will most certainly help you do the job and do it right. Sure, you could ask for a little more but for the price and considering all the incredible features included in the hair straightener’s design, it’s safe to say that Nume have outdone themselves.

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  • Titanium Plates : The nume flat iron plates are to the hair straightener what an engine is to a car. Without them, it’s practically impossible to achieve any look at all leave alone a good enough look.  The Nume Style Setter plates are made of titanium to help enhance the number of negative ions that can coat hair before you achieve a shiny sleek look. Not to mention it also makes it easy to heat thicker hair textures easily.
  • 7/8-inch Floating Plates : The Nume Style Setter has much thinner plates that help gather much smaller chunks of hair .  This feature from the nume flat iron gives you maximum versatility in both curled and straight hairstyles.
  • Far Infrared Heat : As an extra perk, the Nume flat iron comes with a far-infrared heat to help heat your hair from the inside out for a more holistic healthy finish.
  • Negative Ion Conditioning : One of Nume’s selling point is the negative ion conditioning. And for a good reason too. Unlike other hair straighteners, the Nume Style Setter comes with negative ion conditioning to neutralize the frizz on your hair by coating your hair and creating an alluring luster.
  • Auto Shut Off Feature : The Nume Style Setter Flat Iron includes an auto shut off function that automatically shuts off the straightener when not in use. This way even if you left in a hurry and forgot to switch it off, you don’t have to worry about burning the house down at all. All is well with the nume flat iron.
  • Cost : Cost is undoubtedly another vital component to consider. And sometimes it is vastly synonymous with quality and uniqueness. Meaning that the higher priced a tool is, the more features it has to show for it. And seeing as the Nume Style Setter hair straightener is not your ordinary styler, it also goes that its uniqueness will be reflected in the price too. This nume flat iron will cost you a good amount on Amazon, getting your hands on this might not be an easy feat but it will be well worth your while.

The best of the cheapest – NuMe Flat Iron Silhouette

NuMe Flat Iron SilhouetteThis is yet another great option coming from the nume flat iron range of products. With a classic design and with stone ceramic plates added on to its design, the Nume Silhouette Flat Iron was always going to hold their own against competition.

The hair straightener is the epitome of class and elegance with durability as the icing on the cake. And with the negative ion condition and far infrared heat, it’s not that hard to see why this got into our list. All in all, this nume flat iron would be a great option for someone who’s looking for value and practicality all in one device.

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  • Stone Ceramic Plates : The plates are no doubt a vital component of the nume flat iron. They are responsible for ensuring that you achieve the sleek straight salon finish. And with the Nume Silhouette, things are no different at all. Fitted with stone ceramic plates, this hair straightener not only ensures that you achieve smoother hairstyles but also ensures that you never pull your hair again.
  • 1-1/8-inch Floating Plates : The Nume Silhouette is fitted with large 1-1/8-inch plates that come in pretty handy when you want to reduce the amount of time you spend styling your hair. Not to mention the fact that they are actually floating plates also helps reduce hair breakage too.
  • Far Infrared Heat : As an extra perk, the Nume Silhouette Flat Iron comes with a far infrared heat. The far infrared heat basically helps you heat hair from the center to the cuticle . This nume flat iron feature ensures your hair strands remain as moist as possible and lock in hairstyles in place.
  • Negative Ion Conditioning : There is obviously a lot of positive charge that emanates from frizz hair. And depending on which kind of hair straightener you’re using, you might make matters worse or combat this altogether. This is where the negative ion conditioning comes in. It helps counteract the positive charge and diffusing flyaways for a more lustrous shine.
  • Dual Voltage : If you travel a lot, you’ll love this feature. With a dual voltage hair straightener, you don’t have to take your adapter with you as the straightener will work just fine no matter where you are.
  • Price : Top of any buyers concerns when making a purchase is the price. Luckily, Nume Silhouette Flat Iron costs quite an amount on Amazon. And for all that it has to offer, we can say that this is worth every single penny.