Best Steam Hair Straightener 2018

One of the rare hair straighteners that has gained ground in the beauty industry is the steam hair straightener. Though it is not popular that much due to the less knowledge about it, it has gained fame among some users because it works best for dry hair. If you love to have straight hair and your hair tends to resist other straighteners, the steam hair straighteners can work for you best. The steam on the flat irons may make you wonder why they are added to the hair tools. This is one way to market the hair straightener but its main reason why it is added, to act as a protective on your hair.The steam technology also is used to soften the stiff and somehow hard hair in order for easy styling.This steam just opens up the clogged hair so that the flat iron can have easy time gliding through.

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Liaboe Steam Hair Straightener
Auto shut off, Rapid heat up, Adjustable temperature
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Etereauty Steam Hair StraightenerClick here
Uniform heat distribution, Saves time
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Remington S7310 Steam Hair Straightener
Heats up quickly, Portable, Suitable for both wet and dry hair
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The most upscale – Liaboe Steam Hair Straightener

Liaboe Steam Hair StraightenerLiaboe steam hair straightener is reinforced with steam technology that makes sure that your damaged hair can regain its glow once again.It is extra advanced in its category with better technology for better service as just it is.

Using this technology, it moisturizes your dry hair to make it smooth and shiny. Its advanced technology is implemented for your hair’s protection.

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  • Rapid heat up within 30 seconds
  • Adjustable temperature 230°F-450ºF
  • Auto shut off safety feature within 60minutes
  • Steam design that provides steam that rectifies damaged hair to make it shiny once again
  • Negative ions, infrared that opens the hair scales, speed up water absorption and lock the water. The negative ions eliminate the electrostatic on the hair and make it more smooth and glossy
  • 360º swivel cords non-winding design
  • Dual voltage with a range of 100v-240v allowing you to work with it all around the world

The best value for money – ETEREAUTY Steam Hair Straightener

ETEREAUTY Steam Hair StraightenerEtereauty hair straightener is somehow more advanced with the steam spray technology thats why it is a little expensive. It utilises the steam for your own benefit. With this flat iron you are sure of your purchase. It has got all the features you can think of a steam hair straightener got. Despite of the relative high price, you can just try it out.

Etereauty is made to cater for everyone because it got all services you might want. It straightens curled hair if you want to have straight hair.This is suitable for those who love it straight and smooth. It also curls hair for those who love it, giving you an awesome look. It can also create waves for curl lovers so you just enjoy it in all sides.Having long range and wide plates to make sure that no heat is lost at any point.The ceramic plates round it up by distributing the heat

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  • Steam spray feature that moisturizes your hair.
  • Tourmaline plates which distributes the heat evenly over the plates during styling
  • Optional working temperature which gives you the choice suitable for your type of hair. The range is between 270°-450°
  • LCD digital display which eases visibility to choose the suitable temperature
  • 60minute auto shutoff to keep you safe incase you forget to switch it off
  • Handle safety lock to make sure that it does not trip while working
  • Fast heat up within 60seconds to save you time of waiting to gain heat

The best of the cheapest – Remington S7310 Steam Hair Straightener

Remington S7310 Steam Hair StraightenerThe perfect hair straightener that will just restore your hair moisture. It was produced to cater for your pocket since its just affordable for everyone. You do not need to wait till your hair is dry so that you can style it up. It can style up your hair even when wet. Despite its price tag, don’t just pass it assuming that its just a dispose of a rejected product. The price tag is just to make sure that everybody is able to afford it for good looks.

Remington just keeps you going since it is suitable to work on wet hair and give you the best results that you want. On dry hair, it produces steam that wets it up in order to make it soft and smooth. This results are gained by the aid of the features portrayed by the Remington S7310.

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  • Versatility i.e. it works well with both wet hair and dry hair
  • Rotary temperature display. Stead of displaying the exact temperature value, it got a rotary dial pad which is labelled with the temperatures
  • Fast heat up within 30 seconds making it time saving
  • Auto shut off that switches it off after 60 minutes of inactivity
  • 360º swivel cord that rotates for you to get all different angles you need
  • Adjustable and optional working temperature ranging from 250 to 450

Why use a Steam Hair Straightener ?

You may be wondering what this steam hair straightener does and why you should use it. It got special features from other brands that give you reasons to use it, one being its spray steam technology which sprays warm steam to your hair to make your hair soft and smooth while styling. Its in its own group as it can style wet hair which is a rare case for other flat irons. This one can give you a good reason to use the steam flat iron to save the time you could have taken to blow-dry your hair and then style it up.Having an awesome technology,it produces negative ions which help to smoothen and relax your hair.This technology is made efficient by the ceramic coating that distributes the heat evenly over your hair to avoid hot spots.

The difference with a classic hair straightener ?

A classic straightener has advanced technology and features from other flat irons. It got different, distinct and unique feature form other straighteners. It produces negative ions which help in the smoothening of your hair. Coming with auto adjustment voltages to make it compatible and use anywhere in the world. Although of late all straighteners are made to have these features all together.

Steam Hair Straightener Benefits

Despite steam hair straighteners not being that much popular, it got its own benefits that many people have not realized so far. It got heat hydration from the warm steam it produces which prevents the damage of your hair. The steam helps to restore the moisture that has been lost from your hair when it is dry. The greatest benefit is that it can style wet hair so there is no need to have a drier to dry your hair before styling.

Price of Steam Hair Straightener 

Since there are different types of steam hair straighteners on the market, the prices are also different. They vary as the technology used and the demand on the market. Because of this, you need to know the price of all steam products before you make a choice. This will save you the disappointment you may face in case of a hasty decision. If you want to use this product and enjoy it, you will have to go for a professional brand but you will have to pay more. The best advice we can give you is that just go for the brand you can afford comfortably but keep in mind the quality of the tool.

  • It nourishes dry and brittle hair making your hair look gorgeous.
  • It moisturizes your hair keeping it soft and smooth all day. Suitable for dry hair mostly.
  • A steam hair straightener makes use of hot steam that straightens the hair without damaging the hair cuticle.
  • The hair becomes frizz free and can be managed easily.
  • It doesn’t lead to snapping or breakage of hair.