Best Titanium Flat Iron 2018

Do you have short, medium or long hair? Does it frustrate you while trying to straighten it? If you are someone experiencing these struggles, then you probably need to revise your choice of flat iron. In today’s modern and extra advanced world, every lady needs a flat iron in her arsenal of beauty products. The best flat irons are those that can straighten frizzy hair as well as tame bushy bedheads. In addition, they should also be able to create fun attracting curls. From Instagram worthy curls to red carpet curls. These flat irons have become totally indispensable in today’s life and we couldn’t help but do a review of the best titanium flat iron available on the market.

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BaByliss Pro NanoTitanium Plated Flat Iron
Ryton stay-cool housing, 50 heat settings, Auto shut off
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Hot Tools Digital Titanium Flat Iron
Worldwide Voltage, Heat Resistant Mat, Heat Resistant Gloves
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KIPOZI Professional Titanium Flat Iron
Ergonomic handle design, Smart sensor for temperature reduction, Auto shut off, LCD display
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The Best Titanium Flat Irons in comparison

In this article, we shall be reviewing the best hot titanium flat irons including their pros and cons. We shall be looking at the most upscale, the one that has the best money value as well as the best of the cheapest flat irons.

The BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium Plated flat iron is the most upscale with quite an overrated price. This high price is due to its flawless functionality. It comes with the latest technology for great performance.

However, if you are looking for a flat iron that has the value for the price you are going to pay, then the Hot Tools Digital Titanium flat iron is probably the right tool. Its quality goes in handy with its average price. We shall be looking deeply into its features to give you more information about the product.

If you are looking for a flat iron that is cheap and has great performance, then you are definitely looking for the Kipozi Professional Titanium flat iron. This product is affordable and has great features compared to other cheap products. This makes it an outstanding product.

The most upscale – BaBylissPRO Nano Plated Titanium Flat Iron

BaBylissPRO Nano Plated Titanium Flat IronPIN straight hair! If you like kempt hair, then you are definitely going to love the BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium Plated flat iron. It is lightweight hence easy to work with. It has longer plates of about 5-inches which allow for wide sections of hair to be straightened making the hair styling process fast. With the short time for hair styling your hands don’t get tired or strained too much.

The hair styler is able to withstand ultra-high heat as it has a Ryton housing. Its LED temperature controls also allows you to monitor the different temperature setting for different types of hair. You should probably be going for the BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium Plated Flat Iron as it is the best flat iron and has a long-life time.

Best Price on Amazon

  • Nanotechnology
  • 50 heat settings (max 450°F)
  • Ryton stay-cool housing
  • Extra-long 5” titanium/ceramic coated heat plates
  • Ultra-lightweight at 1 pound
  • Auto shut off

The best value for money – Hot Tools Digital Titanium Flat Iron

Hot Tools Digital Titanium Flat IronLife could become boring when you wear the same hairstyle every day. We all know that its natural to feel the pressure and need to change our looks. However, regular salon visits can turn out to be unaffordable. Therefore, you could do yourself a great favour by getting a flat iron as it allows you to get the desired hair styles just from the comfort of your home.

The Hot Tools Digital Titanium flat iron could be your next closest pal especially if you need to feel the value for money spent. This is because it comes with eye-catching features that are most likely going to impress you. The iron is also not overpriced hence most people can afford it without putting too much pressure to their pockets. It has a long lifetime that allows it to provide your hair care for eons.

Well, the days of using a curling iron are long gone with the new flat irons performing both straightening and curling. This hot tool flat iron not only meets the criteria but also has other features that makes curling simple. It has slightly rounded edges on the floating plates to make curling easier. Its narrow housing offers less gaps between the housing and plates in order to avoid snagging.

This hot tool iron may not be of the highest professional quality as well as home usage. This is because it lacks the auto off feature. However, this can not be an equal of a deal breaker as it still performs effectively compared to other irons with the same price range.

Best Price on Amazon

  • 14 Heat Settings – From 100° up to 230°
  • Round Edge Plates – For Curling and Waving
  • Sleep Mode – Switches Off After 2 Hours
  • Worldwide Voltage
  • Heat Resistant Mat
  • Heat Resistant Gloves
  • 3M Cable Length
  • 8-foot swivel cord
  • Ergonomic ultra-slim, easy-to-hold design
  • LED readout

The best of the cheapest – KIPOZI Professional Titanium Flat Iron

KIPOZI Professional Titanium Flat IronGetting yourself a hair styler may bring quite a pain in the head. The Kipozi professional titanium flat iron is always the best flat iron for itaffordability. Buying this flat iron can never be a pull in the wrong direction as it comes with some great features that you won’t find anywhere else for the same price range.

The Kipozi professional titanium flat iron has the 1.75 inch moving plates. These wide moving plates are just the best for ladies with thick hair. This is because the wide plates apply heat for long and covers more square inches. Since hair styling requires you to section off the hair, then the wide plates would come in handy.

This one of a kind hair styler has been fitted with Nano titanium floating heater plates that make negative ions. The negative ions eliminate frizz, calm hair as well as reduce static. Kipozi is made from titanium which means it is also more durable than ceramic hence it’s a plus for this flat iron.

The Kipozi professional titanium flat iron has an outstanding range of temperatures making it suitable for almost all types of hair. The titanium coating also provides even heat distribution a feature that plays a very significant role. After styling your hair, the intelligent safety temperature fall down takes place in cooling the machine making it easy to maintain.

Best Price on Amazon

  • Professional standard exquisite moving plate
  • Different temperature settings
  • Ergonomic handle design
  • Smart sensor for temperature reduction
  • Auto shut off
  • LCD display
  • 8-foot long swivel cord
  • Titanium coated
  • Carrying case
  • Dual voltage

Why use a titanium flat iron ?

Curling irons are being faced out by the flat irons gradually. This is because flat irons can be used for both curling and straightening of hair. The titanium flat irons are just the best flat irons in the market. Apart from the fact that titanium is expensive than ceramic, flat irons made of titanium are extremely light weight and durable. They also heat up fast generating heat using negative ions. The consistent heat also enabled titanium flat irons to prevent your hair from getting damaged and this are the reasons why you should always go for the titanium coated flat irons.

Titanium vs Ceramic : the battle


The debate between titanium and ceramic is quite huge. Many of the questions people ask about flat irons have to do with heat plate infusions and coating. Most people are confused as to whether they should geta flat iron with added ceramic or titanium coating. Well, having done deep research on both materials, we proudly say that the two have quite a number of similarities. Therefore, its good to know that, you can never go wrong purchasing either.



Both titanium and ceramic plates create the same hot as well as even distributed temperature. They also make your hair shiny and sleek.

Titanium flat irons however, have an excellent ionic output that greatly helps in transferring temperature quicker compared to ceramic. Titanium flat irons offer great performance providing consistent heat that fights hair damage. They are best for home use as they are quite expensive and require extra care to handle.

On the other hand, ceramic flat irons are perfect for almost all hair types. Ceramic has a proper heat distribution that helps you work on your hair better and fast. This however requires you to keep checking your hair for damages while styling. Ceramic flat irons are suitable for delicate hair because ceramic ensures consistent ironing of hair. It is the ideal option for salon use.

Titanium vs Tourmaline ?

Another confusing battle is between titanium and tourmaline. Well, most people don’t know what isor how to differentiate the two. The difference is however not clear but we shall try to understand both materials in depth.

Tourmaline is the powered crystalline mineral used for coating flat irons’ metal plates. Both titanium and ceramic flat irons could be tourmaline plated. It’s a fact that most flat irons are made using tourmaline.

Moreover, tourmaline has an extremely high ion output. This leads to extreme sleek, straight and shiny hair within no time. The tourmaline also has one disadvantage. Its sad that the tourmaline coating gets chipped eventually. If it occurs, either ceramic or titanium plates beneath comes out.