Best Tourmaline Flat Iron 2018

One of the most popular hair straighteners is the tourmaline flat iron. It’s one of the most fascinating in the hair grooming industry. Over time, it has gained popularity within the beauty industry. Its technological advancement sets it unique in its own path. They are made in the best way using the latest technology, Nano silver plates which are health recommended and Argan oil. The argan oil is added to the straightener in order to restore the lost glow and shining of your hair.If you had given up on your hair and was headed to shaving it, no need to do that. Rethink again and have a tourmaline flat iron for the work. The Nano silver plates distribute the heat evenly over the plates for even styling. Reinstated with tourmaline technology producing negative ions which help in the softening of your hair. This three added features makes it unique.

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Mondava Professional Tourmaline Flat iron
-It is portable -Mondava flat iron is time saving since it heats up really fast
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HSI Professional Tourmaline Flat Iron
-It comes with heat resistance glove -Dual voltage
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Nition 1inch Nano Tourmaline Flat Iron
-It is safe for your health -It got a 7.5-foot cable
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The most upscale – Mondava Professional Tourmaline Flat Iron

Mondava Professional tourmaline flat ironMondava professional tourmaline flat iron is made to give you a beautiful day every time you wake up. It is made to be elegant and most technologically advanced tool. It is the most preferred by professional salons worldwide. Its features just make it the upscale due to the advanced technology used to make it. It got the highest rated ionic technology making it elegant and highly efficient for hair straightening. Being fully digitized, it makes it the most up-scaled straightener within the tourmaline flat iron.

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  • Auto shutoff safety feature
  • LCD temperature display
  • Tourmaline and ionic technology
  • Digital temperature control
  • Dual voltage
  • Fast heat up

The best value for money – HSI Professional Tourmaline Flat Iron

tourmaline flat iron HSI ProfessionalHaving micro sensors on its plates for heat balance, it is instilled with its own tech. It is just suitable for all types of hair .This features make HSI professional the most expensive straightener in the tourmaline category. It is expensive since its features are worth it. It is made for the professionals and it is used by expert stylists worldwide. Though this straightener is not owned by many ladies in the industry because they do not know why they should buy it. Despite its high value, it just worth sacrificing for. You just have to sacrifice for it once and forget about purchasing another straightener any time soon. Its features will turn you on and stimulate you to go for it. They are really luring. Just sacrifice for once.

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Best price on Amazon

  • Micro sensors on the plate to balance the heat
  • Double functionality since it curls and straightens depending on your taste
  • 1-inch solid ceramic plate

The best of the cheapest – NITION 1 Inch Nano Tourmaline Flat Iron

tourmaline flat iron NITION 1 Inch NanoNition 1-inch Nano tourmaline flat iron is the most advanced tourmaline product. Having been advanced to the point of using argan oil on your hair to restore the lost silk on your hair, it’s worthwhile. The Nano silver technology applied in the making of the plate surface for heat distribution to erase hot spots. Producing negative ions that ionizes the steam as it is sprayed to your hair to make it smooth, shiny and silky. Despite tourmaline being expensive, Nition tourmaline flat iron is slightly cheaper for you to afford and use freely. Though you will have to chip out some cash but not that much. But what you should keep in mind is the fact that the product is not on disposal from the company but its just made for you to get it easily without coughing much money.

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Best price on Amazon

  • Argan oil that helps to restore your hair’s moisture to make it shiny and sleek
  • Tourmaline reinstated with ionic technology
  • Nano silver plates helps to distribute the heat evenly over your hair
  • Auto shut off feature making it safe
  • Metal ceramic heaters which heat up fast
  • Variable working temperatures

Why use a Tourmaline Flat Iron ?

The tourmaline coating on the flat iron plates makes use of the heat by distributing it evenly. This makes sure that your hair is styled well to avoid hot spots. It maintains consistency of the heat flow for longer period giving you sleeker and shiner hair. It capitalizes the moisture in your hair and traps it with the hair to maintain it soft. It got argan oil that is used to restore your hair back to its original and a better state to look smooth and shiny. It restores the oily look of your hair because you need little oil on your hair. This oil is which that gives it the shiny look.

Another reason why you should invest on tourmaline hair straightener is that its suitable for all types of hair. The wide plates are suitable for mass styling of hair. Even if you got dry hair, you are lucky that it will work on it well due to the available moisture that softens it. The best reason is that it produces negative ions which  ionizes the steam produced which in return make your hair smooth, shiny and soft hair all day.

About Tourmaline

Tourmaline is a semi-precious stone which is then crushed and layered over another material. This is why the flat irons are coated with tourmaline and this is what encourages the negative ion technology. The coated ceramic plates boost the results that will be obtained. The coating allows even distribution of heat over the plates for a long period.

The cool part of tourmaline hair straighteners emits negative ions to make your hair smooth and shiny. In conjunction with the ionic technology, tourmaline hair straightener has been made to restore your glowing hair back to its state and even a better one. This feature creates the tough competition to other brands in the beauty industry making it more preferred by many users.

Tourmaline Flat Iron Benefits

The main benefit of tourmaline hair straighter  is to restore the moisture of your hair. Most ladies have had dry hair and find it had to groom it in any way possible. Using its tourmaline technology, you are certain that you will get the best results of smooth hair. It’s even distribution of heat for a longer period makes sure that there are no hot spots on your hair. It maintains your hair and avoids hair damages. To gain the moisture, the flat iron produces warm steam which is ionized as it is ejected out of the nozzle into your hair.The argan oil restores the oil into your hair making it look smooth, shinny and silky all day long. It maintains you hair also all together by combining all these features and technology.

Price of Tourmaline

You should be ready to dig out some cash on the tourmaline hair straighteners since they are expensive. Though tourmaline hair straightener got different products making it vary on its price. It has price range from the lowest to the highest in order to make it affordable for anyone who wishes to buy it. From nition flat iron to HSI professional hair straightener being the expensive in this bracket, it gives everybody room to choose the flat iron that will suit her pocket. Though the prices change over time on amazon the common shopping platform.

  • It is ideal for regular use
  • It is suitable for all types of hair
  • Its ionic technology makes your hair smooth and shiny