Which type of flat iron for my hair ?

Just as every human has his/her specific needs, so also our hair. Different hair with different needs that require different solutions. There are different types of hair straightener out there in the market that are made for different hair styles and types. Hair straighteners are basically grouped into two main categories i.e. size and materials used.

Which hair straightener is right for you ?

type of hair straightener

There are many types of hair straighteners out there but definitely not all will be right for you. In deciding the type of hair straightener that best suit your needs, take into consideration your hair type and its present condition. Also consider the size and the materials used for the hair straightener.

  • The size matters

Hair Straighteners come in different sizes depending upon their use. Before you buy any straightener, you need to figure out what sizes do you really need. Here are the different sizes of Flat Irons for different hair types.

½ mini Flat Iron : The ½ mini Flat Iron are very tiny and easy to carry around. They are usually used by girls with pixie haircuts. Also, it is best used for straightening bangs and tiny piece of hair. 

1” flat iron : These Flat Irons are best used for thin and short hair. This Hair Straightener works best for those with fine hair that is shoulder length.

1 ¼” flat iron : These Flat Irons are easily suitable for bigger, but shorter sections of hair. It is good for those with shoulder length but thick hair.

1 ½” flat iron : For those with thick, curly and coarse hair that is bellow the shoulders, this flat is the most suitable.

2” flat iron : For those with very long and thick hair, the 2” flat iron is the perfect match for you. This size can effectively straighten thick and coarse hair so you need not worry about only half hair getting straight and the rest remaining frizzy.

  • The Plate matters too 

There are three main types of plates namely: ceramic plates, titanium plates and tourmaline plates that are used in straighteners and you certainly need to be aware of them when making your choice for the type of hair straightener to use.

Ceramic plated flat ironsCeramic plates heat up very quickly; have even heat distribution and less chances of burning your hair or making it frizzy later. They cause less friction and hence less damage to the hair. Note that there are plates made of ceramic and there are also ceramic coated plates. (They mean two different things)

Titanium plated flat ironsTitanium plated Flat Irons are great for thick and coarse hair. They heat up much better than ceramic plated Flat Irons and hold temperatures at a consistent level for even straightening. Note that the titanium plated Flat Irons are not good for those with thin sparse hair because the high heat generated by it can be damaging to your hair.

Tourmaline plated flat ironsThese plates make hair smoother, shiner and less frizzy by removing the static in the hair.

Best hair straighteners for each kinds of hair

type of hair straightener

  • For those with curly hair 

Curly hair usually has a lot of natural body and volume, can be overly frizzy, and may be difficult to style.

3 best brands of hair straighteners for curly hair

BaBylissPro Nano Titanium Flat IronThis Flat Iron has titanium plates that uses infrared heating to provide an even source of heat while preventing your hair from scorching.

CHI Turbo Flat Iron : Its 2” ceramic heating surface is the perfect size for great lengths of thick and curly hair

Infiniti Pro by Conair Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron : It has a 2” surface with fantastically smooth ceramic plates and amazing heating power which makes it ideal for curly hair.

  • For those with thin hair 

Fine hair is the exact opposite of thick hair. Therefore, fine hair is naturally more delicate and requires more care and attention so as not to damage it.

3 best brands of hair straighteners for fine hair

-Babyliss Pro Keratin Straightening Iron: It has titanium plates that distributes heat evenly and will allow you to style your hair using fewer passes. Infrared energy, keratin, and negative ions are some of the features of this hair straightener.

Bio Ionic One Pass Straightening Iron: Its plates are made up of ceramic which is known to be gentler on hair and a set of silicone speed strips. It also have negative ions.

-CHI Pro Ceramic Flat Iron: Its plates are made of tourmaline and ceramic which is a great condition since both materials have an even heat distribution. This means you take fewer passes on your hair, keeping it healthy by reducing heat damage.

  • For those with curly and frizzy hair

Tourmaline straighteners are particularly good for those with curly, frizzy hair, as they are highly effective even at a lower temperature. Ceramic plates are also recommended because they don’t dehydrate your hair as much during straightening.

3 best brands of hair straighteners for curly, frizzy hair

-Silver Bullet keratin 230 ceramic Straightener: It heats up quickly and also has adjustable heat setting

-Cloud C9 nine wide Iron: It combines ceramic technology for smoother hair and wilder plates so you can get the job done quicker.

  • For those with natural hair

For better understanding, note that natural hair is classified into four separate numeric types which are:

*Type 1-straight hair

*Type 2-wavy hair

*Type 3- curly hair

*Type 4 – kinky hair

3 best brands of hair straighteners for natural hair

-HSI Professional Digital Ceramic Flat Iron : It has a quick heat-up, digital LCD temperature control, and solid ceramic plates infused with tourmaline that allows you to straighten type 3 hair and some type 4 hair with ease.

-CHI original pro 1” ceramic tourmaline flat iron: It has durable build, quality craftsmanship, and leading tourmaline-infused ceramic plates.

-Babyliss Pro Nano titanium Flat Iron: Its ultra light and small design makes straightening even the most curly type 4 hair fast and easy.

Straight hair is remarkably quick and easy to get using a flat iron styling tool in the comfort of your home; however, not every type of hair straightener will suit every kind of hair. So always ensure to consider the current condition and needs of your hair before choosing the type of hair straightener to use. A wrong choice of hair straightener will do more damage to your hair that you’d ever imagined. So always carry out a proper research before choosing a straightener. By doing your home work upfront, you can make sure you not only get the right straightener for your locks, but you don’t end up spending an inordinate amount of money on something that doesn’t work for you.